Found traces of the oldest shipwreck in the Adriatic

Found traces of the oldest shipwreck in the Adriatic
Found traces of the oldest shipwreck in the Adriatic

In Croatia, experts have identified the remains of a ship found earlier by underwater archaeologists at the bottom of the Adriatic Sea off the island of Ilovik. It turned out to be a merchant ship that sank over two thousand years ago as a result of some kind of disaster.

According to Total Croatia News, this is a well-preserved vessel found at the bottom of the island of Ilovik. The analysis carried out by archaeologists showed that this discovery is unique.

Firstly, the ship itself lies at a depth of only about two and a half meters. Perhaps this contributed to its good preservation. Secondly, the sunken ship dates back to the 2nd century BC. This means that this ship is the oldest ship ever found at the bottom of the Adriatic Sea.

Simply put, scientists were able to investigate the oldest ship in the Adriatic, and also established the site of the oldest shipwreck in this sea. It has been established that it was a merchant ship that was probably following an important sea route. The length of the vessel was 20-25 meters. Given this, one can only wonder that until recently this ship remained unnoticed.

It was discovered quite by accident by Slovenian archaeologist Milan Erik as part of a study that started in 2018. It is still being carried out in collaboration with the Department of Underwater Archeology of the Croatian Restoration Institute and the French University of Marseille.

The age of the vessel was determined by the method of radiocarbon dating, to which the wood was subjected. Researchers use an advanced photogrammetric method to document the sunken ship. They take a series of pictures from different angles and under different lighting conditions, which are then combined using a computer into complex images. This allows you to see the wreckage of the ship in great detail.