Why dogs love to lick people so much

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Why dogs love to lick people so much
Why dogs love to lick people so much

Owners of dogs are usually divided into two types: who give the dog a savory licking to his face, and those who simply hate it! But have you ever wondered why dogs do this so often?

Those slobbering kisses! To avoid is impossible, to hide is impossible

There are many reasons a dog licks you. Many believe that this is just a way to express love, but this is not always the case.

Old habits

Dogs experience licking from birth. First, they are licked by their mothers, and as they grow older, the puppies begin to communicate by licking each other. So when a dog has a new "pack" with a leader in your face, it makes sense that the dog just makes contact.


In the wild, licking is often a sign of submission. A lower rank wolf can lick an alpha male to show its submissiveness and willingness to obey. When it comes to our pets, humans take on a dominant role, so your dog can lick you to show that he accepts you as a leader.


Of course, dogs love to lick their owner when they haven't seen him for a long time. These slobbering kisses, backed by boundless energy, are driven by the desire for pleasure, as the simple act of licking releases endorphins into the body.

Care and treatment

Dog saliva, despite the myth of its healing properties, does not speed up the healing process. However, it contains antibacterial enzymes. Licking wounds also removes dirt and dead tissue. In the wild, animals often lick sore spots, so your dog can just take care this way.

Maintaining appearance

Dogs, unlike cats, do not spend a lot of time grooming themselves. However, they do not mind at all when someone does it for them. These animals are accustomed to being licked by their mother since childhood. Therefore, by licking you, they again show concern and bring you into a "human form."


Since dogs cannot speak, they use very different methods of communication: tail wagging, barking, howling and licking! If your dog is hungry, lonely all day, or has some kind of problem, he may lick you more often and more than usual.

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