Chagovit - an extract of the chaga mushroom in a convenient form

Chagovit - an extract of the chaga mushroom in a convenient form
Chagovit - an extract of the chaga mushroom in a convenient form

The effective phytocomplex Chagovit has a general strengthening effect, reduces inflammation and inhibits the development of oncological diseases. It is this unique property that has turned the chaga birch mushroom into a highly demanded medicinal plant. However, earlier it was difficult to use it at home, but now it is enough to purchase chagovite and just take 1-2 capsules 3 times a day.

Features of the drug and proven medicinal effect

The chaga mushroom grows only on living trees, mainly birch. It is important to collect the raw materials at the right time of the year - in the spring - and also to use only the core. The fungus contains a large amount of high molecular weight water-soluble melanins, there are cytostatic pterins and anti-inflammatory inotodiol. That is why it is worth buying high quality Chagovit for effective strengthening of the body and prevention.

Diverse composition and high concentrations of substances lead to:

• A rapid decrease in inflammatory activities, which can be found in more detail on the website

• Increasing the general tone of the body.

• Removal of negative symptoms in gastritis, chronic peptic ulcer disease.

• Muscle spasms stop, this has a beneficial effect not only on the overall quality of life, but also on the condition of internal organs.

• Melanin traps free radicals, greatly reducing the risk of developing and progressing cancer.

• Stimulates the body's immune response, accelerates recovery and rehabilitation.

The drug chagovit is produced using a special technology from the cores of the mushroom. The use of the extract increases the effectiveness of therapy, removes the risk of temporary oversaturation of active substances in the body.

Optimal dosage and time of administration

The key problem previously was the creation of a decoction or, maintaining the desired concentration. It took 7-8 hours to cook, and then infuse the mixture for two days. Today it is enough to take a capsule of chagovite with a little water.

The drug is approved for children over 12 years old. The dosage is selected individually. For prophylaxis and general strengthening effect, it is enough to drink one capsule twice a day, combining with food intake. The course is calculated for 40 days. The therapeutic effect, the fight against oncology will require an increase in the concentration of high molecular weight melanins and pterins, the daily dose should not exceed six capsules in three doses.

No serious contraindications have been identified. People with arrhythmias and heart problems should consult a doctor, the active substances of chaga affect the pulse. Also, do not combine taking the drug with antibiotic courses. With caution in colitis, disorders or active allergic reactions.

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