Advantages and features of LPG massage machines

Advantages and features of LPG massage machines
Advantages and features of LPG massage machines

The healing effect on the skin, muscles and joints began to be used at the dawn of civilization. However, the effectiveness directly depended on the skills of the massage therapist, his strength and mood. In the 70s, a real revolution took place in the industry, for the first time technology was able to fully replace the hands of a specialist. Modern LPG machines gently process body areas using rollers and vacuum. The impact is extremely effective, painless and does not show injuries, bruises.

Types of LPG devices and their advantages

The most expensive are the original French units from the LPG System; two generations can be found on the market. The old one has 4 modes and is used exclusively in cosmetology. M6 devices have a new type of manipulator, adaptive modes, which allows them to be used in medicine, burn centers, and also to reduce the time of cosmetic procedures by 15%. There are many analogues with an attractive price. However, they usually use a passive vacuum, that is, the strength of the impact cannot be changed.

Among the advantages of using LPG devices in a clinic or salon, it is worth highlighting:

• Effective lymphatic drainage procedures, renewal of the epidermis. The effect is noticeable very quickly and there is good progress.

• Hiding cellulite, selective correction of the contour of the figure, reduction of puffiness.

• Provision of medical services. So with burns or heavy injuries, rehabilitation is reduced by 30%.

• High comfort of the procedure for the patient and the operator of the device.

Features of the selection of equipment for LPG massage

The best devices are French ones, they occupy a leading position in functionality, performance and manufacturer support. However, the price for them is the highest, this is not always justified. If you need standard services for LPG massage, lymphatic drainage, skin improvement, then you can choose a Chinese or European model.

It is recommended to pay attention to the noise, some devices are very loud. This can create an unpleasant feeling during the procedure or tire the master. Another key parameter is the size of the manipulator. Usually it cannot be increased simply by purchasing an accessory, because this is directly tied to the power and capabilities of the base station.

LPG devices are divided by purpose into cosmetology and medical. The latter are significantly more expensive, but they are able to perform effective rehabilitation and have special programs. When only massage and cosmetic procedures are needed, there is no point in overpaying. In other cases, professional equipment is indispensable.

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