People came to Earth from different parts of the universe

People came to Earth from different parts of the universe
People came to Earth from different parts of the universe

The idea that humanity originated somewhere in the universe and migrated to Earth, as well as to other parts of the galaxy, may turn out to be true. Does that make us aliens on this planet? If so, where did we actually come from?

Dr. Ellis Silver, has collected some evidence pointing to the hypothesis of the origin of humans from another place in the universe.

In his book People Not from Earth: A Scientific Assessment of Evidence, he describes 17 arguments for why humans are not from Earth, and also reveals information about the place of origin and an alternative timeline of humanity.

An interesting aspect highlighted by Dr. Ellis Silver is the unique nature of human beings, which suggests that we were created somewhere in space, most likely a planet with low gravity.

"Humanity is supposedly the most highly developed species on the planet, but it is surprisingly poorly adapted to earthly conditions: harmful sunlight, a strong dislike for natural foods, ridiculously high rates of chronic diseases, and much more."

The earth satisfies our needs as a species, but perhaps not as strongly as those who brought us here originally thought.”Lizards can sunbathe as long as they like - and many of them do, but humans cannot..

Are we really from another star system or from another planet?

"We are blinded by the sun, which is also weird, most animals don't."

Other facts from the book suggest that chronic diseases that plague humankind, such as sore spines, may prove that we evolved on a planet with low gravity. The doctor also examines the fact that humans have an extra 223 genes, according to a study published by Dr. Francis Crick: “Collaborative research by a group of exoscientists shows that genes from more than 20 extraterrestrial civilizations are present in human DNA.

These exoscientists continued the work of Nobel laureate Dr. Francis Crick and other scientists in the field. The current findings are consistent with the reports of Professor Sam Chang, who released information on his own apparent findings related to the Human Genome Project."

Dr. Silver believes that the human race possesses some special traits that are clearly out of this world. According to him, the human body cannot find ideal conditions for perfect functioning.

"We are all chronically ill," says Dr. Silver. "Indeed, if you can find at least one person who is 100% healthy and does not suffer from some (possibly hidden or unexpressed) disease or disorder (the book contains an extensive list), I will be extremely surprised - I could not find nobody."

“I believe that many of our problems stem from the simple fact that our internal clocks have evolved to be 25 hours a day (this has been proven by sleep researchers), but Earth's day is only 24 hours long. factors can be traced throughout the history of mankind on Earth."

At the opposite pole is Dr. Silva's other theory, which suggests that if we reached Earth in spaceships, early humans might have interbreed with another native species, thus giving rise to "modern humans."

The most likely star system from which humans could have arrived is Alpha Centauri, the closest to our system.

"There is a prevailing feeling among many people that they don't belong here or that something" just isn't right."

"This suggests that humanity may have evolved on another planet, but here we got as a highly evolved species."

Another interesting idea from the book presents the Earth as a prison planet, where a naturally cruel species like ours is doomed to live until it learns to behave well.