Soviet cosmonauts and UFOs

Soviet cosmonauts and UFOs
Soviet cosmonauts and UFOs

Astronauts see strange things in orbit. And they began to see them at the very beginning of the space era, in the 1960s - 1970s.

… May 20, 1991. 17 hours 30 minutes. Filming is being conducted from the window of the Mir space station. The camera is in the hands of Russian cosmonaut Musa Manarov. This is the moment of docking with the Soyuz-TM-12 spacecraft, on which the ninth main expedition arrives. A strange cigar-shaped object is clearly visible in the footage near the ship.

Vladimir Kovalenok was at the Salyut-6 station together with the flight engineer Savinykh. On May 5, 1981, something completely inexplicable happened. By Vladimir KOVALENOK:

"I glanced out the window and at first I did not believe what I saw."

A strange object was flying near the ship in Earth's orbit. The object was in the shape of a shuttle or melon. In front of it was a translucent cone, like a case. Commander Kovalenok called out to flight engineer Savinykh to hand over the camera. While he was looking for him, the UFO mutated. Vladimir KOVALENOK recalls:

“I observed that this object began to narrow in the center, it had a wasp waist. And when Viktor Petrovich approached, there was a double explosion”.

The oval object split in half, and then two balls, connected by a bridge, flew further. Vladimir Kovalenok made an entry in the logbook and sketched an unusual phenomenon in his diary. The entire observation lasted three minutes. Later, the astronaut compared the time of the incident with the data of the Earth. Vladimir KOVALENOK says:

“At this time, from 16.52 to 16.54–55, the Ryabin apparatus recorded a rather strong burst of radiation. Where it came from - probably no one will know who sent this greetings to us”.

What was recorded by the astronaut in the logbook remained a mystery. As well as destruction of the orbital station "Almaz-1"that was launched into space April 3, 1973… She fell apart into three parts. The official version is a meteorite hit. But in the entire history of astronautics, a meteorite only once made a small hole in the solar battery of the Mir station. A the destroyed station "Almaz-1" was as if neatly sawed into even pieces.

He talked about unusual phenomena and Pavel POPOVICH - the legendary cosmonaut from the first squad. He trained with Gagarin. He made one flight on the Vostok-4 in 1962, and the second on the Soyuz-14 in 1974. Only twice the Hero of the Soviet Union spent about 20 days in orbit. Pavel POPOVICH testifies:

“Personally, I myself met for the only time with something incomprehensible that we could not explain. But that was not in space. I happened to observe a UFO from the window of a passenger plane when I flew from Washington to Moscow. Suddenly, looking through the window - and we were flying at an altitude of about 10 × 200 meters - I noticed that a triangle, a regular triangle, isosceles, bright white, was flying in a parallel course, about a thousand and a half meters higher than us. It was an obvious unidentified flying object, it could not be compared with anything, it was absolutely unlike an airplane …"

This flight was the return of the delegation of the Academy of Sciences. Scientists have followed the glowing triangle and built versions. The object overtook the liner and disappeared from sight only an hour later, but the passengers did not determine what it was.

In 1990, astronauts Gennady Strekalov and Gennady Manakov watched from orbit as a bright sphere suddenly appeared in a completely cloudless sky over the Newfoundland Peninsula, instantly disappearing 10 seconds later.

In 1979, in the journal "Technics for Youth" there was a heading "Conquerors of Space - about life, about the Earth, about the Universe"… Every month one of the cosmonaut pilots answered six questions, the third of which was: “What new, previously unknown phenomena did you encounter during the flight? Can we talk seriously about a possible meeting of astronauts with aliens?"

pilot-cosmonaut of the USSR, Hero of the Soviet Union:

“Can we talk seriously about meeting aliens? Do not know. But I think we will have to face the traces of other civilizations. By the way, there is one interesting hypothesis.

74 million years ago, a planet existed between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. It was an old planet - one and a half times older than Earth. But most importantly: organic life existed on it… The composition of the meteorites that have fallen to Earth is evidence of this! Some scholars suggest that the evolution of life on this planet has reached its highest forms: there was a civilization!

Perhaps the explosion was so unexpected that none of the intelligent beings was able to escape and civilization forever disappeared into the vast expanses of the universe …

At Saturn, a fragment turned one of the satellites backward, the other was torn into many fragments, as a result of which the famous rings of Saturn were formed. Near Uranus, a fragment of the dead planet passed so close that an impressive piece was torn off from it, which then fell on Uranus. From the force of the blow, he turned. So now, unlike any other planet in the solar system, it lies on its side, its axis of rotation is practically located in the plane of its orbit.

Finally, the kinetic energy of the deceased planet dried up in the struggle with the gravitational forces of other planets and the Sun, and its fragment entered the orbit, in which it is still mysterious Pluto

We come to the most unusual part of this story. The ninth planet of the solar system - Pluto - is the main part of the lost planet… And everything we know about Pluto today is in good agreement with this hypothesis.

The consequences of the disaster affected not only distant planets. Our Earth also suffered. And the previously unexplained extinction of lizards and other representatives of the animal world 75 million years ago is now becoming more understandable. Apparently, one of the reasons for this is a sharp change in climatic conditions due to a space catastrophe.

All this will help us to look in a new way at our neighbors - other planets of the solar system. It is important for a person to visit them, in particular on Pluto. What will he see - traces of dead cities or just a lifeless desert?"

pilot-cosmonaut of the USSR, twice Hero of the Soviet Union, head of the Cosmonaut Training Center. Yu. A. Gagarina:

Georgy Beregovoy, pilot-cosmonaut of the USSR, twice Hero of the Soviet Union, head of the Cosmonaut Training Center. Yu. A. Gagarina:

“It is impossible to imagine that in the endless universe we are the only intelligent beings. This, roughly speaking, is like assuming: there is only one clubfoot living in a huge forest!

On the globe there are many more mysterieswho have not yet received a full explanation: strange sites, ancient cave paintings of human figures in robes, similar to spacesuits… We should not throw away any unexplained phenomenon "from the doorway", but carefully study … I am deeply convinced: only a peaceful, kind attitude can be the basis of real contact. And when meeting an alien, I would do my best to win him over, so that he understands me."

pilot-cosmonaut of the USSR, twice Hero of the Soviet Union, candidate of technical sciences

Georgy Grechko, pilot-cosmonaut of the USSR, twice Hero of the Soviet Union, candidate of technical sciences:

“I believe that there are other civilizations, and I believe in the possibility of meeting with intelligent beings from other worlds …”.

pilot-cosmonaut of the USSR, Hero of the Soviet Union, senior researcher at the Cosmonaut Training Center named after V.I. Yu. A. Gagarina:

“Can we assume the existence of alien civilizations? Sure.Until the exclusivity of the Earth is proven, such an assumption should have a right to exist. Otherwise, you will have to believe in a supernatural design. As for UFOs, they cannot be denied, they have been seen by thousands of people. Some of their properties are simply amazing. For example, the ability to change course by 90 degrees at high speed."

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