A meeting with a UFO at McCord airbase in 1972 ended in a shootout with aliens

A meeting with a UFO at McCord airbase in 1972 ended in a shootout with aliens
A meeting with a UFO at McCord airbase in 1972 ended in a shootout with aliens

The UFO incident occurred at McCord Air Force Base located in Pierce County, Washington. This incredible case was uncovered by former AFOSI agent Robert Collins in 2001.

This particular case is documented in AFOSI files dated October 1972, Collins said. He confirmed that all places, events and names used in the report were real.

On October 14, 1972, two US military pilots, First Class Pilot Stephen Briggs and Pilot Dennis Hillsgeck, were tasked with inspecting a Tactical Air Navigation Facility (TACAN) located just 12 kilometers east of McCord Air Force Base. The facility was monitored and maintained by the US government.

McCord Air Force Base is also known for the crash of the Air Force C-118 in Bonnie Lake, Washington state on April 1, 1959. Interestingly, UFOs are blamed for this crash.

At around 1:00 pm, two officers arrived at the facility, opened a fence around the high-security facility, and entered the building. Once they got inside, the officers began conducting security checks on TACAN equipment and pre-scheduled system checks.

The officers were taking the necessary steps when, at about 2:00 pm, Briggs was distracted by a strange sound outside the building. He described the sound as similar to that of a high speed engine. It was really unusual, so he went outside to investigate it, and found that the sound did not come from an ordinary plane, but from a UFO.

When Briggs was outside the building, he was surprised to see a saucer-shaped object hovering over the TACAN object. He continued to observe the object, and after a moment, he began to descend south of the TACAN complex and landed.

For safety reasons, Briggs rushed inside the TACAN building to alert his partner Hillsgeck of the intruders. Both men went outside in dismay to guard the facility, but were stunned to see two humanoid creatures walking towards the fence that surrounded the building.

The situation had already begun to frighten the pilots, and Briggs went inside the building again and called the base security police. He asked them to send help to the TACAN building, as the intruders were about to enter the site. Sergeant David Holmes, Duty Sergeant of 62nd Squadron of the Security Police, took his call. He dispatched Sergeant Dwight Reed and Assistant Commander Michael Tash to assist Briggs and Hillsgeck.

A security police patrol arrived 17 minutes later but did not see any aircraft. They found both pilots, bewildered, standing next to their car. They could not speak, and the burn marks on Hillsgeck's face worried Sergeant Reed, who immediately called an Air Force ambulance.

Meanwhile, Tash checked the building's surroundings and was surprised to find strange footprints in the soil that felt soft, likely from a UFO landing. Suddenly, he heard Reed shout to him to look up, as there was an object directly above him. They found a saucer-shaped object above the guarded object that Briggs and Hillsgeck had seen. Sergeant Reid attempted to contact the security police law enforcement through his walkie-talkie. However, the radio did not work.

Reed and Tash quickly grabbed both of the stunned pilots and left the scene. After driving some distance from the TACAN facility, they were able to contact the security police office and ask them to send urgent help.

Four security police officers arrived at the scene, including Sergeant Darren Alexander, along with his service dog (Champ). When the search began, Champ barked as he found something suspicious about 400 meters south of the TACAN site.

To his surprise, Alexander saw two humanoid creatures near the power plant building located far from the main building. He asked them to stand still and raise their hands. Instead, the creatures moved towards Alexander, and he noticed that one of them was holding something that looked like a weapon.

Defending himself, Alexander fired 6 shots from his model 15 revolver 38 caliber. After that, he returned to his car, contacted Sergeant Reed by radio and informed him that he had shot at the creatures. He was not sure if he had actually hit the creatures and asked for reinforcements.

Then another group arrived. They searched the area and found a saucer-shaped object on the ground. They surrounded the facility and called in their superior, Captain Henry Stone. When Captain Stone arrived, the object suddenly rose, flew eastward, and disappeared after a few seconds.

A rapid response group (special forces) arrived at the scene. They searched the area and noticed a saucer-shaped object on the ground just east of the power plant. They went around the object in a circle and called the commander. The object rose into the air and flew away.

According to Collins' report, Special Investigation officers were investigating the case. They took witness statements and collected evidence, including cartridge cases from Sergeant Alexander's cartridges. He said the incident was classified as top secret and remained unsolved in the AFOSI files.

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