Moon Hologram - Researchers Claim We Can't See the Real Moon

Moon Hologram - Researchers Claim We Can't See the Real Moon
Moon Hologram - Researchers Claim We Can't See the Real Moon

More and more anomaly hunters are recording the so-called "lunar wave", stating that the moon may actually be a hologram. Well, at least it's covered in a hologram at certain points in time. Let's explore the evidence and controversy.

This theory originated sometime in 2014, when YouTube's Crrow777 and other vigilant sky watchers stumbled upon an unusual wave crossing the moon. Because of this, they insisted that what we see above our heads may actually look quite different from what we imagine it to be.

The amateur astronomer continued his investigation and found that this peculiar lunar wave only occurs when the moon approaches its full state. Based on this, Crowe concluded that the hologram is projected when the moon is full.

Cause? Because someone needs to hide it from observers from Earth at the moment when it is best seen.

"I think that when the Moon is in the quarter phase, you are really looking at the Moon, and when it starts to become full or well lit, they cover it with a hologram so that we cannot see what it really is, what is on its visible side or what is there at that moment (someone) … This is not what you think, I can tell you that this is not just a stone in space … there is a lot of things going on, "- said Crowe in one of his videos …

The theory of the lunar hologram aroused interest among all who observed and investigated it, but soon followed by a "brilliant" response from skeptics.

To debunk this idea, a video appeared of an airplane flying directly over the camera lens and emitting a heat wave that caused an extremely similar anomaly on the lunar surface.

Now "skeptics" explain the lunar wave as something caused by passing warm / cold air masses. But is it really so?

The popularity of Crowe's discovery attracted the attention of the powers that be, so they had to come up with a clever way to get out of an unpleasant situation.

The hypothesis of an airplane flying by is, of course, food for thought, but it reveals only one possibility. In addition, people around the world have reported lunar waves, both with and without aircraft passing.

Anyway, I will present you with more options to consider. Light carries heat, which in terminology can be translated as heat energy.

This form of energy is generated by tiny particles moving at an astonishing speed, which means that the heat energy generated by an aircraft engine or warm fumes can be perceived as vibrations of light. This is where things get interesting.

In the last century, we did not consider force as a separate concept, but rather as a force field, for example, an electric or gravitational force field.

A feature of light is that it can be both a particle or a group of particles (photon) and a type of electromagnetic wave. Both natures of light need to be studied separately, otherwise they will contradict each other.

While conventional photography focuses on light associated with particles, a thing called holography has emerged in the last century. Quoting her definition:

"Holography is the science and practice of creating holograms.Typically, a hologram is a photographic record of a light field, not an image formed by a lens, and is used to display a fully three-dimensional image of a holographic object, which is visible without the help of special glasses or other intermediate optics."

Do not confuse this type of 3d hologram with what you see in 3d films, it is a hologram caused by synthetic light displayed through glasses, there is a big difference.

It should be noted that holography can store about 700 times more information than regular photography, it can provide a vast 3D image in one picture. This technique uses laser light provided, you guessed it, by a laser beam.

If we lived inside a holographic universe, as many scientists believe today, a huge laser system would have to be pointed at us.

Now it makes more sense than ever, given all the discoveries in physics, and if we look up, we see this huge source of light, which we call the Sun. It is definitely directed at us and is sending encoded information.

If this were the case, the moon would have to play the role of an artificial control panel, which serves for some unknown reason. Maybe a green screen? A curtain? An artificial device designed to spy on us?

Ignorance is bliss, and reality is much stranger than fiction. By researching and questioning everything, you will eventually find definite answers. After all, the reality we perceive is only in our minds.

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