ISS Cosmonauts' Solaris Effect: 30-Meter Angels, Reincarnations, Time Travel and Star Whisper

ISS Cosmonauts' Solaris Effect: 30-Meter Angels, Reincarnations, Time Travel and Star Whisper
ISS Cosmonauts' Solaris Effect: 30-Meter Angels, Reincarnations, Time Travel and Star Whisper

In 1984, a crew of six was on board the Salyut-7 space station. These were three cosmonauts of the main expedition: Leonid Kizim, Oleg Atkov, Vladimir Soloviev. It was the 155th day of the main train flight. The crew went about their usual business, preparing for laboratory experiments.


3-meter "angels" orbiting the Earth

Suddenly, a strange orange cloud enveloped the station and everything inside was literally lit up with a bright orange glow. Those present were briefly completely blinded by the bright light. When their vision returned to them, they saw, on the other side of the window, seven unknown creatures about 30 meters tall, who, smiling, were flying in space near the station. They resembled people, but they were gigantic in stature, on their backs there were large wings and a shining halo around their heads. The creatures looked the way they usually describe … angels.

In the presence of these creatures, the astronauts felt calm and serene. According to the crew, the humanoids flew at the same speed as the station for 10 minutes.

Two weeks later, three more cosmonauts joined the station's crew: Svetlana Savitskaya, Vladimir Dzhanibekov and Igor Volk. Upon arrival on the Salyut-7 ship, they joined the station's crew. Then everything lit up again with a blinding light. The whole team decided to look through the windows. The huge creatures flew through space again, smiling and giving a feeling of peace and tranquility.

After a short meeting, the crew reported the incident to Earth. One can imagine what was happening at the Control Center at that time … All six cosmonauts were immediately subjected to various psychological and medical tests, which showed that there were no deviations from the norm. The report was highly classified. The cosmonauts were strictly ordered to remain silent about what had happened. And they were silent. Only each other was told about the mysterious "visitors" who appeared from time to time during flights in space.

Test cosmonaut Sergei Krichevsky was the first to openly disclose these strange phenomena in orbit in 1995 at a lecture at the Novosibirsk International Institute of Space Anthropoecology. "The cosmonauts transmit information about such visions exclusively to each other, sharing information with those who will soon make a flight," he said in his sensational report.

“There, in orbit, sometimes you don’t understand where the dream is, where is reality…” - also confessed the pilot-cosmonaut Alexander Serebrov.


“What's going on? A person suddenly undergoes one or several transformations, suddenly turning into some kind of supernatural animal, literally feeling himself in his skin. Reincarnations can last as long as you like. Feeling with each nerve its huge blue claws, scales, seeing even the membranes between the fingers, the former astronaut "wanders" around the unknown planet, "communicates" with its other inhabitants.

Then he becomes something else - for example, he moves into the body of a creature from another era or another galaxy, at once assimilating a new language, habits and customs. At that moment he perceives the absolutely unknown world for him as something quite familiar. No space technology is capable of transporting a person in space and time with such speed and ease. At the same time, all cosmonauts who have been in a similar state determine a powerful stream of information coming from outside, "- test cosmonaut Sergei Krichevsky.


“The main difficulty of being in open space was the WHISPER. So we called this phenomenon among ourselves. Scientists have found another, I must admit, a more accurate term - the effect of presence … To understand what exactly is meant, I must tell about one of my flights, in which I was not alone.

When THIS started, we were over the southern hemisphere. Of course, we both heard about the whisper, but vaguely. Most of the cosmonauts at that time still practically did not share this impression either among themselves or with doctors, fearing that in the end they would be suspended from flights for mental reasons. My comrades and I naturally believed that all such rumors were nothing more than a legend born among the first generation of pilots to intimidate newcomers. I mean, we didn't think about any whisper. And in general they were absorbed in a completely different matter. The constellation of the Southern Cross, the most beautiful and brightest constellation of the southern hemisphere, then appeared in our visibility zone. Believe me, the spectacle is mesmerizing! We were generally incapable of thinking about anything other than what we saw in the window. This is where it all began …

At some point, I suddenly felt that someone else was next to us … It is difficult to describe this feeling. It seems that someone invisible is looking at your back with an extremely hard look. One hundred percent confidence in the invisible presence! Literally a moment later, my comrade, the flight engineer, also began to look around as far as possible. Believe me, both of us were people as far as possible from all kinds of mysticism! Therefore, they literally became numb when the invisible creature showed itself: there was a whisper … My colleague and I had an exceptionally trusting relationship, we met many years before Zvezdny. Therefore, a little later and compared the "texts": outwardly they turned out to be completely different. Yes, another, if we proceed from their essence, could not have been expected! I will try to restore them. Not exactly, of course, but approximately, because the meaning is important here, not the words. Words, as I understood later, were not important at all, because they were not words in the full sense.

My "text" sounded somewhere in the depths of consciousness something like this: "… You came here too early and wrong. Believe me, because I am your maternal ancestor. Remember, she told you, as a child, about her great-grandfather, who founded the plant in the Urals? Son, you should not be here, return to earth, do not violate the Laws of the Creator … Son, you must return, return, return …"

I can add that, obviously, for "reliability" I was also told a small story, known exclusively in our family, connected with this great-grandfather …

On completely different "material" the text of my friend was created, although the essence was the same - in the call to leave the Cosmos and never return here. His "interlocutor", or rather "interlocutor", was a long-dead relative … For persuasiveness, a certain situation was used, which only two knew about at all …

We landed two days later. During this time, our "texts" were whispered one more time, without the slightest deviation from their content, and the effect of the presence of the "alien" did not leave us all the time remaining in orbit."

Solaris Effect

These strange phenomena have become a mystery to psychologists related to space. Some started talking about the fact that the matter is in a change in the state of consciousness under the influence of cosmic radiation and a constantly changing magnetic field. Others - that we, earthlings, know too little about the cosmos, which is intelligent in itself and thus comes into contact. Even the term “Solaris Effect” has appeared. Still others put forward a version of an alien civilization that managed to take possession of space before us and displace us to Earth.

Our homeland is somewhere not on Earth

"I believe that, of course, we are not alone in the Universe, someone surrounds us. This is absolutely certain. It's just that we have not yet lived to the point when it makes sense to somehow interact with us, our mind is not ready for this. …I am absolutely sure that the vastness of space is not lifeless at all. And our planet is really small. Sometimes I had the thought that we were settled on Earth, that our homeland is somewhere not on Earth. There is such a theory of "Seeding": it seems like we were brought in and sown in some way. After all, more than a thousand planets similar to the Earth have already been discovered. Of course, somewhere there is intelligent life, I am absolutely sure that somewhere it is ", - cosmonaut Vladimir Soloviev.

The moon landing was filmed in a pavilion on Earth

“As for the flight of the Americans to the moon, the only thing I can say is what I heard from Neil Armstrong. Neil Armstrong told me the following:“We brought not very good photos and film material, because there was no time for filming. And the television was weak then.. And then the media took and "filmed" something on Earth in a special hangar. And when they "filmed", they were immediately grabbed by the hand that it was done on Earth. "This is the story", - cosmonaut Vladimir Soloviev.

Vladimir Alekseevich Soloviev - scientist, designer; Cosmonaut, First Deputy General Designer for Flight Operation, Testing of Rocket and Space Complexes and Systems of RSC Energia; the head of manned space flights of the Russian Federation (stations "Salyut-7", "MIR", "ISS"); twice Hero of the Soviet Union; Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department of the Moscow State Technical University. N. E. Bauman, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences; laureate of the State Prize of the Russian Federation and the Prize of the Government of the Russian Federation.

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