"Flying stars" in Orion's belt

"Flying stars" in Orion's belt
"Flying stars" in Orion's belt

I have already written that I have repeatedly observed the movement of stars in different constellations, but unfortunately I did not have the necessary equipment to record these movements on video. Fortunately, a man was found who has such equipment and he was able to record the movements of the star Mintaka, located in the Orion belt.

As I already mentioned, I myself have repeatedly observed such "flights of stars" in various constellations, including the constellation Orion. It so happens that an "extra" star is added to the constellations, and if you watch it for a long time, it eventually flies away.

Or one of the stars, which takes its rightful place in the constellation, may simply fly away or begin to move, which, according to generally accepted astronomical statements, is not possible.

This video shows Orion's belt in which there are three stars visible from the ground:

Orion's belt - an asterism in the constellation Orion, encircles the figure of the hunter in the images of the constellation. Consists of three white-blue stars (blue supergiants): Alnitak (ζ Orion), Alnilam (ε Orion), Mintaka (δ Orion), which translates from Arabic as "sash", "string of pearls" and "belt", respectively.

At the 0.53 mark, one of the stars of Mintak flies away from its place and begins to move chaotically, and eventually takes its "assigned" place again.

According to astronomical data, the distance from Earth to Orion's belt is about 900 light years. It turns out that either these movements occurred in the very distant past, and we saw it only now (it remains in this case to explain how one of the planets of the constellation suddenly began to fly), or … in our sky, we see a distance of 900 light years constellation, and - the usual projection, which can be seen in any planetarium. Or these "stars" are not located at a distance of 900 light years, but in our orbit as "houses of the gods from the stars", or, more simply, their spaceships. Or … there are many options, which of them is correct, we do not know, but - the stars fly in the constellations and this is a fact.

Such "flights of stars" or "extra stars" in constellations occur very often and these "flights" impossible from the point of view of science are clearly visible from the ground with the naked eye in good enough weather for observing the sky.

It is especially noteworthy that such anomalies very often occur with the constellation Orion. I also saw similar anomalies from the constellation Ursa Major, where extra stars are "attached" in a number of other constellations.

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