UFO invasion off the east coast of Brazil

UFO invasion off the east coast of Brazil
UFO invasion off the east coast of Brazil

Operation Flying Saucer spans 1977 and 1978 and contains nearly 2,000 pages of observations from the Brazilian Air Force, 500 photographs and 16 hours of related footage of various flying saucers and startling eyewitness accounts.

Due to the authoritarian military regime that existed at that time, this report, which is difficult to believe, passed only through the hands of high-ranking military officials, but after decades of silence, it partially became available to the general public.

This happened in the fall of 1977, when rumors began to spread throughout Brazil that strange aircraft capable of submerging had literally settled in several small settlements in the Amazon basin.

The UFOs seen over the Marajo Bay area came in a variety of shapes and sizes, from discs and cylinders to pyramids, and a later report even mentioned a barrel-shaped ship with a diameter of 100 meters.


The strange devices displayed aggressive behavior towards the fishermen and soon switched to the rest of the village. The attackers, who were active mainly at night, did not spare anyone.

Residents were most often caught off guard by a bright beam of light that paralyzed them, followed by another reddish beam, presumably used to draw blood samples.

A recently declassified report tells the story of a frightened woman. A resident of Baia do Sol recalled how, on October 18, 1977, a powerful light suddenly flooded her room, she saw the green light that scanned her face, and felt the air heating around her.

Before she knew what was happening, the light turned red, and an unusual creature, "like a man, in something like a motorcycle suit," pointed something like a pistol at her. When it touched her breasts, it doused with boiling water, causing severe pain, as if "needles pierced the skin." There were puncture marks on the skin of the victims.

The night attacks continued for months and affected local residents of all nearby fishing villages. There were also reports of underwater devices dragging people into the water.

It was then that the military sent a special Air Force unit led by Captain Uirange Bolivar Soares Nogueira de Hollanda Lima to carefully study this issue.


Hollanda was skeptical at first, but UFOs showed themselves during the night, allowing the Air Force to take pictures and report. The unusual phenomena turned out to be more real than the captain had anticipated, and soon turned him from a skeptic to a believer.

He then acknowledged the extra-planetary activity that was taking place in this corner of the Amazon and sent a report expressing his newfound beliefs, coupled with some overwhelming evidence, to the commander of the base in Belem.

As a result, Hollande was appointed head of the largest UFO operation in history, which included dozens of field experts and photographers who stormed the affected villages in the Amazon in search of additional answers. More than 300 local residents were interviewed, and numerous sketches depicting flying discs were collected.

The abundance of materials collected in the first months of 1978 allowed the Brazilian military to get answers to their questions. Due to the military dictatorship, Operation Plate was instantly classified and scrutinized by military officials in the following years.

Numerous researchers were assigned to solve this complex puzzle, but the final conclusions were never made public, even after the official report was declassified in 2004.


However, we can speculate on this intriguing question and recognize its authenticity and importance. How can I be sure of such statements? Several decades after these events, Captain Hollande decided to share some information about which he was not allowed to speak until then.

During an interview with AJ Gevaerd, editor of the Brazilian UFO Magazine, he told never-before-heard stories about a top-secret mission he was assigned in the late 1970s.

The information presented was truly mind-blowing, as it described a real UFO invasion off the east coast of Brazil. Unfortunately, Hollande's heroic exposure proved too serious even for a newly established democratic regime, so the former Air Force officer had to be silenced.

Three months later, he was found dead, hanging from his own belt. Hollande's tragic and mysterious death frightened everyone else trying to find data on Operation Plate.

Then it became clear that such information should remain away from widespread publicity, and those who try to violate it suddenly become prone to sudden death.

Thanks to Hollande's courage, we can now find out what happened during Operation Plate 1977-1978 in the Amazon. Don't forget that this was a real event.

It proves that governments have known about extraterrestrial visitors and visits for decades, but for some reason they don't tell us anything about it.

It is worth mentioning that the experiments and behavior of the aliens were not harmless. People were injured. Four people were killed. And also many animals died, such as chickens, roosters, goats, and they all died instantly. Many people have been kidnapped and have never been found.

Hollande's interview (translated from Spanish, incomplete)

UFO Magazine - If you created a report, does it indicate that there is already some progress in the investigation?

Hollande - Yes, when I arrived, I already had agents sent to investigate UFO sightings, because it happened so often in the Colares area, which belongs to the city of Vigia, on the coast of Par.

The mayor of the city sent an officer to the COMAR commander to inform him that UFOs are of great concern to the fishermen. Some of them could no longer go fishing because objects floated under their boats. At times, some objects even dived near them, in rivers and in the sea.

The local population spent their nights outside. People made fires and used firecrackers to ward off the invaders. The panic caused the mayor to contact the army command and ask for instructions, and the brigadier general ordered me to investigate these sightings.

UFO Magazine - How did you organize Operation Saucer? How many teams, how many people, how many missions, etc.? And did you organize all the tasks?

Hollande - Well, we were a team. I was at the head of it. We had five agents, all sergeants who worked in the second department.

In addition, we had informants in the field, people in the places where the lights appeared, in the fields, who helped them. At that time, I split the team into two or three different positions in the country. It is clear that we constantly kept in touch with each other by radio.

UFO Magazine - What was the immediate target of Operation Saucer? Observe, photograph, and contact flying discs?

Hollande - Actually I wanted to test this thing accurately and completely. I wanted to explain and clarify everything. Because everyone talked about fires and objects and even called them by popular names such as "Kupa-chupa" (devouring ").

And the Brazilian Air Force needed to know what was really going on since it was happening in Brazilian airspace. The responsibility for the investigation lay with us. But at the beginning of Operation Plate, what I really wanted was confirmation of what was happening.

UFO Magazine - What prompted the local population to call the lights "Kupa Chupa"?

Hollande - There was a series of stories about people who were touched by a ray of light. All of them claimed that the action of the beam was to suck the blood out of them.

Indeed, we checked some cases and found that several of them, mostly women, had strange marks on the left breast, two punctures with a needle around a brown spot. It looked like an iodine burn. And from these people blood was sucked out, in a small amount, by these rays.

Therefore, they began to be called "kupa-chups". It was always the same: the light came out of nothing and followed someone, usually a woman, who was beaten with a beam on her left breast. Sometimes they were men who were beaten with light, with marks on their hands. In ten cases, eight women and two men.

UFO Log - And you recorded and verified footprints on humans?

Hollande - Yes, all this was checked and analyzed by the doctors who traveled with us to the field at that time. Honestly, I participated in this as the devil's advocate.

I wanted to debunk this story and tell my commander that this does not exist, that this is a collective hallucination.

UFO Magazine - What do you think was what people saw and attacked?

Hollande - I don't know. It was believed that this could be an extraterrestrial phenomenon, but I did not think so. I went there to make sure this was really happening. It took me at least two months to get an answer for my commander.

For the first two months of Operation Plate, I saw nothing that could change my mind. At some point we spent a week in the weeds and returned only on Sunday. At each report, my commander asked:

"Have you seen anything?" And my answer has always been: "We saw at least strange lights, but nothing extraterrestrial." Indeed, we saw lights that never blinked, that passed at low altitude, but nothing very strange.

UFO Log - It was at night. What happened during the day? Were there any other activities during Operation Plate?

Holland - Yes, we had other things that were part of the mission of the operation. We conducted interviews with experienced people, prepared places for spending the night, looked for "hot" spots for night observations.

When we find that something has appeared in such a place, we (…). We conducted a survey of the situation and always recorded the names of the people involved in the correct form.

UFO Journal - What procedure or methodology was used to collect the information?

Hollande - We always wrote down the name of the person with whom the experience happened, the place where it happened, the date and time, etc. We made a description of every fact that happened in the same area.

Thus, if three cases occurred in one night, people interviewed three witnesses. Some of the descriptions were common, others were unusual. Sometimes we received stories of things we could not prove to be authentic, such as the dematerialization of entire walls or roofs.

UFO Magazine - What do you mean? Do you have any example to illustrate this kind of event?

Hollande - Yes. For example, the first lady I interviewed in Colares told me amazing things. We flew in by helicopter from Belem to listen to a woman who was attacked by kupa chups. We actually saw that she had a mark on her left chest.

It was brown in color, as if from a burn, and had a series of holes in one line. When we were talking, she told me that while trying to put the child to sleep, suddenly the environment began to change the temperature. It seemed to her quite pleasant, but she could not imagine what happened next.

Then, as she lay in bed in the house, she saw that the tiles had begun to stain the color of live coal. Then they became transparent, and she was able to see the sky through the roof. As if the tiles have turned to glass. She saw the sky and even the stars.

UFO Magazine - Were weird stories like this very common during Operation Saucer?

Hollande - Very often, and it scared me a lot, because I have never heard anyone talk about such things. When I heard about such cases, I was simultaneously worried and even more curious. It seemed that these people were sincere.

For example, through the hole the woman described, she saw a green light shining in the sky. The woman was half asleep until a red beam from a UFO reached her left breast.

It is strange that in most cases people were hit to the left. That was not all: just at the time we were talking about it, a girl came up to us and said:

"Look at what is passing over us." When I left the house, I saw a light pointed at by a girl flying at a low speed.

He was not very fast and blinked as he flew north. It looked like a satellite, except that the light turned back on its route - and satellites don't!

UFO Log - Have you used any type of radar equipment that could confirm or track these phenomena?

Hollande - No. Stationary radars are installed at all airports. We didn't carry anything like that with us.

UFO Journal - Have attacks, which occurred at a specific frequency, been reported to the government, state or municipal authorities?

Hollande - Yes, definitely. Some doctors from the Pará State Department of Health were sent by the government to examine people. They analyzed the burned areas of the skin and took the testimony of the patients, but they did nothing else - never.

Some victims recovered easily. Others were very scared. Some felt sick or fell asleep for several days. One citizen once came to look for me and said that a light appeared near his house, which focused a shining beam in his direction.

He told me that he was so terrified that he ran into the house, grabbed a weapon and pointed it at the light. Then stronger beams appeared and made him fall. The poor fellow spent two weeks with problems of the musculoskeletal system, but he had nothing more serious.

Nothing solid hit him, like a shot. It seems that the nature of this light was a very strong energy that left people paralyzed. I believe that the federal authorities were informed about this type of attack on people that took place in the region, but I am not aware of any trials. I only received orders from my commander, nothing more."

Three months after this interview, he was found dead, hanging from his own belt. I was unable to find a complete version of this interview, as well as a complete collection of files on this case, although they were declassified. Someone has diligently "cleaned" all the threads on the network that lead to this information …

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