India: case of reincarnation recorded in Uttar Pradesh

India: case of reincarnation recorded in Uttar Pradesh
India: case of reincarnation recorded in Uttar Pradesh

The 13-year-old boy was able to confirm that he was reborn and was previously a boy who drowned eight years ago.

Rohit Kumar, the thirteen-year-old son of Pramod Kumar from the village of Nagla Salehi in the Mainpuri region of Uttar Pradesh, died on May 4, 2013, after drowning in a canal near Kanpur while swimming.

On August 19, a Chandravir named Chotu, the son of Ramnaresh Shankhvar, a resident of the neighboring village of Nagla Amar Singh, came to Pramod Kumar and said that he was his son Rohit in a previous birth.

He claimed to have had a rebirth and named Pramod and Ushu Devi as his parents.

Delighted with his stories of reincarnation, the villagers soon gathered at Pramod to listen to Chandravir's stories.

After meeting with his "previous" family, Chandravir began to tell stories from his previous birth. He also named and recognized his sister in the crowd gathered in the street.

Meanwhile, when Subhash Chandra Yadav, the director of the village's former high school, came to visit, Chandravir immediately identified him, touched his feet and said, "This is Subhash, principal."

The villagers took Chandravir to the same school where Rohit had attended. The teachers asked him questions that Rohit could answer. Surprisingly, Chandravir answered them correctly.

Chandravir's father Shankhvar said that his son, from childhood, always talked about reincarnation and insisted on coming to Nagla Salehi.

They were afraid of losing him and avoided bringing him to the village.

In the end, he said, he felt helpless in the face of the child's insistence and took him to Pramod's house.

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