Why is it dangerous to raise money from the ground?

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Why is it dangerous to raise money from the ground?
Why is it dangerous to raise money from the ground?

There are many different folk signs. We believe in some of them, and we treat others with a smile. But financial problems bother a lot of people, because everyone wants to improve their financial situation.

There are a lot of signs associated with money. Some of them imply an increase in cash flow, while others, on the contrary, a decline in financial matters. For example, finding an old coin is a good omen, promising a profit.

Our life is arranged in such a way that we are in motion all the time, meeting on our way coins or bills lying on the ground. Many simply do not know how to behave in this case. All known money signs can be divided into two categories:

  • bad;
  • good ones.

People always believe in luck, they are hoping for the best to participate in various lotteries. Why are there lotteries, we all love to receive gifts, especially in monetary terms. But when we find money on the street, we begin to doubt whether it is worth taking it.

Bad money signs

We were taught from early childhood that it is impossible to take someone else's, it is very bad and will not lead to anything good. If you are a very superstitious person, then do not pay attention to that kind of money, but walk by and go about your business further.

According to popular beliefs, for big money, and especially for coins, various rituals are carried out to remove negativity from oneself. Then they are thrown away from their home, somewhere near the crossroads. If a person, through his carelessness, raises such money, then he risks taking on illness, lack of good luck in business, lack of money and many other troubles.

It is not worth picking up money lying on the threshold of your house, which no one put there. This is very similar to the lining left by the ill-wisher, and this is already very dangerous for the person who found them. It is imperative to remove this surprise, but you cannot touch it with your hands. To do this, you can take a broom and sweep the money into paper, and only then throw it all out on the street.

But there are other cases - people can simply forget or accidentally lose bills. At the same time, some are very upset because of their loss, while others are happy about the find.

They say that there are such signs that a person who has found a lot of money will soon spend not only those that he found, but much more. And people who have suffered financial losses should soon be sure to be lucky in financial matters. There is an opinion that the loss of money is a payoff from serious troubles.

Good omens

It may be such an option that the money found was sent by some forces in order to help you at least a little, because right now there is an urgent need for it.

It is believed that an unmarried girl who picks up money on the street should soon arrange her personal life and successfully marry.

A young man, who was in a hurry to meet his girlfriend and found money, will definitely have a good time with the one to whom he was in a hurry.

But with the interpretation of the signs that the money was found in the rain, there are several options. According to one of them, it is believed that they will bring financial luck, and in another way - a big monetary loss. Winter finds, that is, money found in snowy weather, according to popular beliefs, always bring good luck.

It is said that the one who collects the found coins is sure to be financially independent. True, the found banknotes must be stored separately, in some kind of casket or box.

It is impossible to say unequivocally whether it is possible to take the money found or not. It is known that if there is a coin upside down on the road, then it is considered that you are lucky and you can safely take it. If it lies on its other side, then it is better not to risk it and pass by. If you find paper bills, then do not take all of them, but leave a few pieces there. This is done so that in case of bad exposure, less harm to yourself. If you decide to raise that kind of money, then before that it is better to cross yourself and read a prayer. This should be done with the hand with which you mainly work (for right-handers - right, for left-handers - left). When spending such money, you need to spit on them three times and sprinkle with holy water. If you believe in all these signs, then it is better not to risk your health and well-being and do not raise such money.

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