Do I need to trust the signs

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Do I need to trust the signs
Do I need to trust the signs

Speaking of signs, it is worth noting that most people intuitively continue to believe in them, even though many of them have been refuted by scientific research. In this regard, it is worth learning in more detail about whether or not you need to believe the omens, as well as what this can lead to.

It is noteworthy that everyone knows what the right hand or left hand itches for. In the first case, a person can meet a friend and shake hands with him, and in the second, he will have financial profit.

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In Russia alone, there are over 300 signs, many of which are associated not only with everyday, but also church and religious rites. Belief in omens is steadily passed from generation to generation, as parents explain them to their children, who also begin to believe in them. Researchers and ethnographers explain this by the fact that after the baptism of Rus in the Slavic lands for a long period of time, the population continued to believe in pagan spirits.

This explains the close interweaving of ancient rituals (Ivan Kupala, Maslenitsa, others) and church holidays, which in many ways harmoniously complement each other. Of the current signs that are still the most common, the following can be distinguished:

  1. If a black cat crosses the road, trouble will happen.
  2. If a mirror breaks, then trouble can happen.
  3. It is a sin to melt the bottom tip of a candle.
  4. If you whistle in the house, there will be no money.

Many are interested in whether or not to believe in omens. It should be noted here that everything depends on the characteristics of the omen itself, as well as the history of its occurrence. The fact is that many superstitions arose as a result of certain patterns. For example, if sparrows hide inside the bush and scream loudly, then in the near future the weather will be inclement. This sign is based on the observation of people that birds feel the approach of bad weather and react accordingly.

Superstitions about romantic relationships

It is interesting to note that lovers are very superstitious people, which is largely due to the fear of ruining romantic relationships due to the evil eye and envy of other people. This stipulates that engaged couples should not be photographed together, which could lead to a falling out.

Of the interesting signs, it can be noted that if a girl kisses her lover on New Moon, then she will soon become his bride. With all this, a couple in marriage awaits not only deep mutual love, but also wealth. In order for the romance between lovers to flow smoothly and easily, the meeting should not be on the steps, and it is also not worth hugging and kissing on the stairs.

Signs of drivers

It is difficult to find a more superstitious category of the population than drivers, and this does not depend on a person's religion. This is largely due to the understanding that driving by car is always potentially dangerous, and the likelihood of getting into an accident is largely due to an unfortunate coincidence.

That is why, in order to enlist the support of the guardian angel and all the heavenly forces, many drivers hang icons on their cars, and they are also very respectful of their vehicles. Of the main superstitions, the following can be distinguished:

  • washed the car in the evening - it will rain in the morning;
  • bird droppings on a car - money, but it must be washed off, otherwise it will lead to costs;
  • the installation of spare parts from cars that have been in an accident leads to frequent breakdowns.

As you can see, superstitions surround us almost everywhere, so it is worth treating them with respect.

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