Thailand's flood death toll rises to 51

Thailand's flood death toll rises to 51
Thailand's flood death toll rises to 51

The death toll in the catastrophic flooding in southern Thailand has risen to 51, Thai media reported on Monday, citing a statement from the country's health ministry, which previously reported 35 deaths.

A mudflow in Krabi province that came down at the end of last week destroyed an entire village. Until now, more than 50 residents of this village are listed as missing. Rescuers are still finding the bodies of the victims, according to the Bangkok Post. At the same time, the newspaper also reports that more than 150 local residents survived, and they are receiving medical assistance. Immediately after the mudflow in Krabi disappeared, more than 100 people were considered missing.

Catastrophic flooding, accompanied by mudflows and landslides, occurred in nine provinces of southern Thailand in the last week of March. It was caused by precipitation, abnormal for this time.

The flooding was also accompanied by a sharp cooling in northern and central Thailand and a strong storm and gusty winds in the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea. From the islands, which were temporarily cut off from the mainland due to an interruption in ferry and air traffic, the Thai naval forces evacuated more than 2 thousand foreign tourists, including Russians, by helicopters and ships.

In neighboring Myanmar, closed by mountains from the cyclone that came from the north, there was no large-scale flooding. However, according to media reports, there are more than 600 missing fishermen who were at sea during the storm.

The weather has now returned to normal. Reconstruction work has begun in southern Thailand. According to experts, there is still a danger of landslides, as the soil absorbs a large amount of water that flooded nine southern provinces for a week.

Landslide-prone areas are far from the traditional recreational areas of foreign tourists.

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