US states hit by hurricane Ida

US states hit by hurricane Ida
US states hit by hurricane Ida

The US National Weather Service has warned that abnormally hot weather will set in southern Louisiana and Mississippi on Tuesday, according to CNN.

Residents of Louisiana and Mississippi will face a heat wave on Tuesday, according to the National Weather Service. Temperatures in the south of both states can reach 40 degrees Celsius. Around 2 million people live in areas affected by the heat wave warning. Authorities are urging residents who fled their homes during the hurricane not to return yet.

At the moment, the authorities are liquidating the consequences of Hurricane Ida, which hit the United States on Sunday evening. A hurricane in Louisiana left about a million people without electricity. The authorities say that in some areas, electricity cannot be restored within a month.

At the moment, it is known about four deaths caused by the hurricane, but previously the authorities have repeatedly reported that the number may increase. Search and rescue teams are working in the affected areas, but Louisiana police said on Monday that there is no way to reach the areas that have been hit. It is still unknown how many people may be under the rubble.

Category 4 Hurricane Ida struck Louisiana and neighboring states on Sunday evening. He caused significant damage. At the moment, "Ida" has died down and turned into a tropical storm, it is moving over the western part of Mississippi. At the same time, it can still cause flooding in the states of Tennessee and Ohio, meteorologists warn.

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