Foam for teeth - an innovative approach to oral hygiene

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Foam for teeth - an innovative approach to oral hygiene
Foam for teeth - an innovative approach to oral hygiene

Brushing with a specially selected paste is considered a universal way of caring for the oral cavity. However, it is not always possible to use such hygiene products. To keep your teeth and gums healthy and get rid of harmful germs on the road or at work, you should use a special foam. Such an innovative tool will help to cope with hygiene problems quickly, and due to its compact size it will easily fit in a purse and even in a pocket.

How teeth foams work

Manufacturers of well-known brands (for example, Curasept) produce several types of products at once, which differ in the principle of action and the function they perform. There are four types of dental foams.

  • Whitening. Returns the enamel to a normal shade and makes the smile even more attractive.
  • Antiseptic. They fight against harmful bacteria and other microorganisms that can seriously harm human health.
  • Refreshing. They will come to the rescue if you need to get rid of an unpleasant odor and freshen your breath.
  • Complex. Allows for complete oral care and replaces conventional toothpastes.

It is important that the composition of the foams for the teeth is well thought out. Due to this, they are not able to harm even sensitive enamel. If you have any questions or doubts about the use of the products, consult your dentist who will help you choose the most convenient option.

Daily use of the product

Using foam is as simple as possible. You just need to squeeze the right amount of funds into your mouth (the bottle is equipped with a special dispenser), hold for a few seconds, and then rinse and spit out the composition. After that, the teeth will remain clean and the breath fresh. The tool is consumed quite sparingly, so you often don't have to buy it.

Where to bring tooth foam with you

Such a tool will come in handy wherever there is no way to properly brush your teeth. For example, you can take the foam with you on the road, where it is impossible to waste time on regular brushing (this is especially convenient on the train when there are interruptions in water). It is also worth having foam in:

  • the glove compartment of the car;
  • school or work backpack;
  • hospital ward;
  • handbag.

Situations where you might need to brush your teeth unexpectedly arise all the time. You probably want to do this after a meal or in the middle of the day when the bathroom isn't around. The foam will always be at hand and will only take a few seconds to use.

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