Boredom can lead to death

Boredom can lead to death
Boredom can lead to death

Boredom can shorten life expectancy, neuropsychologist and clinical psychologist Irina Khvingia is convinced. In an interview with Radio Sputnik, she explained how to avoid this.

Boredom doctors call a state in which we are depressed, inactive, have little interest in the surrounding reality. It is perfectly normal to feel bored from time to time. But constantly being in such a state is not only abnormal, but also dangerous, the doctor warned.

"There were studies of scientists who proved that boredom is associated with early mortality. In a long-term experiment, a lot of people participated, including people in a state of chronic boredom. Later, the cause of death of such people was somehow connected with their lifestyle," said the clinical psychologist.

The conclusion is obvious - constant boredom can eventually turn into depression, which can bring a person to death.

Irina Khvingiya continued, to help get rid of such "mortal" boredom, can systematically identify the causes of its occurrence. This is done by psychologists, and in especially difficult cases, psychiatrists."

It is important to deal with the reason here. If we talk about the psychological component, then the root cause of the formation of boredom is a large number of meaningless and useless activities. Any of our actions must have either an obvious result or an inner meaning. If we have a lot of meaningless activities, boredom develops over time, explained Irina Khvingiya.

A specialist will help determine which of our usual actions and activities are really meaningless or useless, and which only seem to be so, but in fact they have both meaning and benefit. At the same time, this sorting itself can turn out to be quite an interesting process - and the boredom will begin to go away.