Forgotten History: Jaquet-Droz mechanical dolls created 250 years ago still write, paint and play music

Forgotten History: Jaquet-Droz mechanical dolls created 250 years ago still write, paint and play music
Forgotten History: Jaquet-Droz mechanical dolls created 250 years ago still write, paint and play music

Despite the fact that in the courtyard of 2021 we have a very backward society, which is duped by pseudoscientific information and does not even try to compare elementary things or look for answers to simple questions.

People with foam at the mouth prove "common knowledge" without having any knowledge about the issue being raised. They "take their word for it - so" everyone says, "" they taught about it at school, "etc. How can you prove something to people who are blind and do not want to see.

Dullness is elevated to the rank of wisdom, and base instincts to the meaning of life. What else can you expect from those who are firmly convinced that he descended from a monkey.

When you show such people historical anachronisms, artifacts of the past, which not only should not exist according to the "generally accepted history", but rewrite this history completely, they continue to persist in their delusions and begin to talk about the fact that "there were no such technologies before as now … There were no lathes, no factories, no metal processing technologies. All this mankind has received only now and by the incredible efforts of gradually developing technical progress."

Let's look once again into the past and compare "backward technologies" with "advanced" ones.

In the 18th century, something suddenly happened. Many people have acquired amazing skills seemingly out of nowhere. One of these genius people was Pierre Jaquet-Droz. He was born on 28 July 1721 in La Chaux-de-Fonds in the canton of Neuchâtel, Switzerland. He was a watchmaker who lived in Paris, London and Geneva, where he designed and built mechanical dolls (automatons) as promotional products to help his firm sell watches and mechanical birds.

- this is undoubtedly something.

From about 1750 to 1800 we have tons of these intricate mechanisms that probably only a few craftsmen today can recreate. Then everything stops. The skill is lost. The official explanation is humiliatingly boring: "As the French Revolution and the Napoleonic era changed the face of Europe, interest in this luxury faded."

Were such items built 250 years ago? It is possible that they were. But they were built by people who had incredible knowledge of creating such things. They had the right tools and the right education to create items of similar complexity and quality.

It was a very advanced human civilization that was destroyed several hundred years ago. In some areas, it could be even more advanced than ours.

Did Jacquet-Droz create these dolls? If so, then he belonged to this civilization. Or maybe his historical task is to become the creator of these beautiful masterpieces and bring this knowledge to our times.

This automaton is a great metaphor for our story. Nowadays, all we see is the front of the doll, the beautiful part, but as soon as we look behind the beautiful shell of the doll, we will see the true history of our world.

These dolls are adorable, no doubt, but I'm going to turn to the elephant in the room: making a mechanism. Even in the photographs above, we see a complex network of screws, screws, levers, stamped plates and so on.

In other words, machined parts. This means that they already had electricity when he made them. Certainly, some screws and parts can be made by hand, but those steel rods that form the basis of the mechanism are the end result of the advanced steel industry, and I cannot imagine how they could be formed without a lathe.

I'm very surprised that they show this to the public as they throw the fake story right out the window. If they had such a sophisticated technique in the 18th century, imagine what they would have today 251 years later.

By the way, and in fact we can see what the "advanced humanity" is able to create after 251 years?

Jaquet Droz still exists. As their website says:

Since 1738, the Swiss watchmaker Jaquet Droz has perpetuated the spirit of innovation and aesthetic sophistication of its founder Pierre Jaquet-Droz.

They still have several machines. You can decide if these modern examples are as impressive as their 18th century counterparts:

Jaquet Droz vending machines | Exclusive watch and machine

Just compare what was created in the 18th century and the modern "miracle of mechanics" - the Signature Machine:

“It took four years of development to complete the project, which was launched in 2014. The Signing Machine, unveiled for the brand's 280th anniversary, continues the centuries-old tradition of mechanical surprise, begun by its founder in 1738"

It? This "continues the tradition" ?! Is this all that modern technological society has turned out to be? Do you know how much this modern manual transmission costs - $ 367,500 and is made only to order.

I have a feeling that Jaquet-Droz would have been “impressed with the evolution” of “his” company as much as Tesla with the lousy electric cars produced by his namesake company.

And this society is confident that it is the pinnacle of development in terms of technology?

If you look at the machines of the 18th century, you can conclude that it was then a developed and advanced industry and technology, and not now. Even today we cannot build robots that can do all the movements that these "automatic mechanical puppets" can do, and we think we are advanced …

Do you really think so?

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