The tallest professional fighter in history - a descendant of the ancient race of giants?

The tallest professional fighter in history - a descendant of the ancient race of giants?
The tallest professional fighter in history - a descendant of the ancient race of giants?

Gogea Mitu was the tallest Romanian ever recorded in modern history. His height was 2.5 meters, which soon made him an international phenomenon. However, without waiting for even greater fame, he died under mysterious circumstances.

He was born in the early 20th century, namely in 1914, near Craiova, Dolj County, Romania. Despite the features of a giant, he was as healthy as a bull.

He independently began to learn to read and write. When he was 10 years old, he could no longer fit at the school desk. At the age of seventeen, Gogea entered the "Globus" circus in Bucharest, where he easily bent steel bars to the unconditional admiration of the public.

In 1934, the Italian boxer Umberto Lancia stumbled upon the giant and offered him his services as a manager. After Gogea graduated from boxing school in Paris, he began to engage in this sport, which brought him great success.

No one could defeat Gogea Mita, only the German Bergam was a worthy rival to the giant, since he himself was quite tall.

Everyone believed that Mitu (translated "Myth") would become an unstoppable force due to her superhuman strength and size.

The Americans loved him and looked forward to seeing him fight in their arenas. The odds weren't in his favor, however, as the giant was found dead in 1936, presumably from tuberculosis.

Constanta Burada was the niece of the deceased. She told the local newspaper details of the suspicious circumstances under which the giant died.

"My uncle was an intelligent man, he loved to joke and had a funny manner of speaking. He seemed like an adult from childhood; he learned to read on his own, and at eleven he could not fit on a school bench."

"The Great Circus in Prague offered Gogey a job, and the giant, mocking his father, said:" Never mind, dad, you always whine that no girl from the village will take me. If I go to the circus, I may marry a trapezian, and she can reach me."

Returning to Romania from a trip to Paris, when he opened a train window to get some fresh air, he allegedly contracted the flu, which eventually led to his death.

Although his manager warned him to take additional precautions, Gogea ended up in the hospital because he could not risk missing the tournament in the United States.

Relatives found his body in the hospital morgue. It was already in the package, and doctors did not allow the family to perform an autopsy to determine the exact cause of death.

Gogea's relatives were ordinary people and did not have the means to properly resist this decision.

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