What are the different types of dental units?

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What are the different types of dental units?
What are the different types of dental units?

The dental unit is not just a place for the patient to sit down. This is a whole complex, which consists of:

  • the patient's place;
  • control unit for the entire complex;
  • compartment for the doctor and his assistant;
  • additional functional blocks.

Modern installations are created in order to carry out all possible dental procedures as comfortably as possible for the patient and the doctor.

Types of chairs

An important point is the ability to adjust the chair, which can be hydraulically or electromechanically. Electromechanical chairs are considered more reliable and cost more. In addition, the price is influenced by the functionality of the chairs and the quality of the materials from which it is made, for example, upholstery.

Options for organizing the dentist's unit

The most important part for a well-organized work is the block that the doctor uses. As a rule, now they choose the top feed with a convenient tool return mechanism and the bottom one with the ability to have greater freedom of movement.

Nurse site organization

The nurse unit includes a hydraulic unit and a suction system. Such a system serves to remove saliva, biological fluids, and solid parts from the patient's mouth. There is a vacuum and injection type of suction.

In addition, the convenience, beauty and price of the entire chair, with a focus on the quality of the assistant unit, also depends on:

  • material and mobility of spitting bowls;
  • the presence of a disinfection and water heating system;
  • the quality of the cup filling system;
  • functions of supplying solutions, etc.

How is the installation located?

It is customary to distinguish between stationary installations, which are attached to the floor, and portable, in which the functional unit is fixed to the chair. Systems and units on wheels that can be moved, movable holders - all this helps to organize the workplace, taking into account the characteristics and size of the office and the personal preferences of the dentist.

Tool blocks

If this indicator is taken into account, then there are three main options for the location of the block:

  • mobile trolleys are available in many models and can easily fit any cabinet requirement due to their mobility. Modern models can even be automated;
  • hidden brackets for internal mounting allow the instrument to be fed in any way (from behind or from the side), so that the patient does not see it. Suitable solution for pediatric dentistry, although more expensive;
  • table on a movable support bracket with a lamp. This option is less stable. But it has a wide range of action (horizontally and vertically). Modern models are equipped with a nagatoscope and a cooling system for instruments.

Coral specialists are ready to offer you the equipment you need for your specific case, taking into account your requirements and pricing policy. We are always ready to advise on any questions and choose the necessary dental unit.

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