Hundreds of Silver Coins Found Near Lukov Castle in Bohemia

Hundreds of Silver Coins Found Near Lukov Castle in Bohemia
Hundreds of Silver Coins Found Near Lukov Castle in Bohemia

In the forest near the South Moravian castle Lukov (Czech Republic), a treasure from the beginning of the 14th century was discovered. According to Arkeonews, two members of the Society of Friends of Lukowski Castle did it quite by accident during an ordinary mushroom walk in the forests in the area.

It is noted that when mushroom pickers passed through the oak forest, they saw something shiny, similar to metal. As it turned out, these were coins. The area here was recently dug by wild boars in search of food, which allowed the treasure to be on the surface.

The find was reported to archaeologists, and soon a team of professionals went there to inspect the place. In total, 392 Prague pennies have been found since about 1400. In addition, 27 hellers were also found here, minted by the Margrave Jobst of Moravia, which is a more significant find. This is due to the fact that these coins were minted within a relatively short period of time - 20 years, about 1400, and, accordingly, are among the rarer ones.

Currently, the coins are being cleaned and analyzed by specialists, and after this work they will be exhibited in a special exposition.

It is worth noting that in the 13th century Lukov was part of a network of castles that protected the eastern border of the Bohemian Kingdom. During the Czech-Hungarian wars, the castle was captured and burned by the troops of the Hungarian king Matthias Corvinus, but later it was reconstructed. During the Thirty Years War, Lukov repeatedly became the center of the uprising of the local population of the so-called Wallachians against the Habsburgs. It fell into disrepair after being burned and destroyed by Swedish troops, and was abandoned in the late 18th century.

Attempts to save the castle grounds began in the last quarter of the 20th century. Since 1983, archaeological research has been conducted here, and since 1987, a gradual restoration of monuments has begun, including with the help of the Association of Friends of Lukovsky Castle. Many years of volunteer work has transformed the castle from an abandoned ruin into a popular tourist destination.

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