Surprisingly well-preserved Iron Age combat knife found in Sweden

Surprisingly well-preserved Iron Age combat knife found in Sweden
Surprisingly well-preserved Iron Age combat knife found in Sweden

Archaeological excavations at Skelby in the southwest of Westeros, Sweden continue to bring unexpected finds. A short sword or combat knife dating from AD 700-900 was recently found in a well. Archaeologists have already noted the unique preservation of the beautifully carved wooden handle.

The find was made at the bottom of one of the wells that archaeologists are digging at the site where there was once a settlement. It is a prehistoric settlement and a younger Iron Age burial ground of about twenty graves. A sword or knife about 40 centimeters long was found deep in the mud. Similar swords were probably previously used in hand-to-hand fighting, hence their unofficial name - "knife for fighting".

Scientists note that such objects in living quarters can be found very, very rarely. They were part of personal equipment, very expensive items, and often had a case with a hanging device. There is a theory that the sword was sacrificed on purpose. It seems more likely than accidentally dropping such a prestigious item into a well.

The weapon, which is 1100-1300 years old, is decorated with a beautiful carved wooden handle. Experts explain that such old wooden items are often kept in good condition. This is due to the fact that he was deep in the well in the mud and was completely saturated with water, so oxygen did not get inside, which destroyed the wood.

It should be noted that this is not the first unexpected find made during these excavations. Earlier, a beautifully decorated elk antler comb, believed to be around 1800 years old, was also found in the well. The comb is a so-called "single comb" with only one row of teeth and is made from one piece, probably from elk antler.

The surface is polished and beautifully decorated, but the decor on both sides is different, which is quite unusual. Scientists believe that the crest also ended up in the well not by accident, but as a result of a deliberate act, however, the reasons have not yet been established.

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