With a private nursing home in Yaroslavl, old age is a joy

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With a private nursing home in Yaroslavl, old age is a joy
With a private nursing home in Yaroslavl, old age is a joy

Old age is called "golden time", "autumn of life." But not all elderly people can enjoy a rest from work with family and friends. Diseases, injuries, dementia make life without every minute care and special care a heavy burden that his loved ones are forced to share with the old man. Lack of free time, the ability to organize professional medical care at home, limited knowledge of age characteristics make old people and their loved ones unhappy, but private nursing home Yaroslavl - way out.

What are the advantages of the boarding house?

Most elderly people find themselves "locked" within the walls of their apartment, especially those who cannot fully move around. Ordinary dwellings are not wheelchair or walker-friendly.

It is difficult for old people to go for a walk, safely move around the apartment, take a shower. They remain cut off from social life, limited in live communication with their peers. It is difficult for them to manage the household, prepare food, shop, and tidy up the house. All these concerns are undertaken by the staff of the Oberig nursing home.

Residents of the boarding house are relieved of worries about maintaining order, cooking. They can enjoy the convenience and comfort, pay attention to creativity, hobbies, pleasant rest, communication with interesting people, peers. Their health is monitored by employees of the boarding house with medical education, knowledge of age characteristics and needs. They will give you an injection or a pill on time. They will measure pressure and temperature, listen to complaints, soothe and encourage.

In some conditions, an elderly person may pose a danger to others and to himself. A kettle forgotten on a burning hotplate, an open tap, a slippery bathroom floor lead to damage to property, injury and even death. Round-the-clock control, supervision guarantee the safety of residents.

Old people often forget to take a pill on time, they cannot call for help during an attack. An inpatient post of a nurse, monitoring of adherence to doctor's prescriptions, provision of emergency care ensure the maintenance of a stable state of health. Pension for the elderly in Yaroslavl https://domprestarelyh-yaroslavl.ru/ cooperates with a private clinic that helps to treat and examine the elderly.

Accommodation registration

You can become a tenant for a short period of absence of relatives, for a period of recovery from illness, injury or enjoy a comfortable quiet life in the "Oberig" boarding house by sending an application on the institution's website. The minimum package of documents, fast processing, no queue, reasonable prices will allow you to quickly join a friendly family of pensioners and employees of a private nursing home.

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