Private boarding house in Krasnodar - we grow old happily and comfortably

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Private boarding house in Krasnodar - we grow old happily and comfortably
Private boarding house in Krasnodar - we grow old happily and comfortably

Aging is a natural process that can be delayed, but no one has been able to completely avoid it. At the same time, the majority of elderly people need constant care, medical assistance, and relatives and a hired nurse are unable to provide them with the necessary level of service. Pension for the elderly in Krasnodar it is a quiet place where you can relax, get the help you need, or have fun communicating and learning new skills.

What awaits at the boarding house?

Happy old age has many components:

  • no need to solve everyday problems;
  • feeling of stable health, good mood;
  • confidence in a better future;
  • measured rhythm of life;
  • rest, doing interesting things, feasible development.

Our private nursing home Krasnodar does everything to provide its guests with all the services they need, create a homely atmosphere, and give them a dignified old age. Such an atmosphere helps to feel security, stability, comfort in the soul.

Professional psychological assistance

Elderly people who already have symptoms of depression, increased anxiety, suspiciousness and signs of prolonged stress due to chronic diseases and mental disorders enter the boarding house. Psychologists help them to overcome these psycho-emotional anomalies. Specialists conduct group trainings, individual conversations. Art therapy helps to improve the condition. Elderly people enjoy drawing, modeling, knitting.

A well-defined daily routine also has a therapeutic effect. Elderly people do not tolerate sudden changes, and a clear life schedule is equated with stability, confidence in the future. The daily routine is drawn up in accordance with gerontological requirements and corresponds as much as possible to the daily rhythms of an aging organism.

Free time, rest

In the boarding house, great attention is paid to organizing the free time of residents. So that they do not get bored, at their service:

  • home theater;
  • library;
  • board games;
  • billiards;
  • exercise therapy classes with an instructor;
  • various circles;
  • a park with gazebos, benches, shady alleys.

Family coziness, comfort, an atmosphere of care and kindness reign in the boarding house.

Medical patronage

A sick person cannot feel happy. To give the elderly people the joy of life, it is necessary to take care of stabilizing their condition, to maintain health and strength. To always be aware of changes, temperature, pulse, pressure are measured daily in the boarding house. If the elderly have been prescribed treatment, then the staff monitors the implementation of the doctors' recommendations.