Killer whale attacked fishermen in the Khabarovsk Territory

Killer whale attacked fishermen in the Khabarovsk Territory
Killer whale attacked fishermen in the Khabarovsk Territory

In the Sovetskaya Gavan Bay of the Khabarovsk Territory, a hefty killer whale attacked fishermen. The men in the boat barely escaped the pursuit. And this is taking into account the fact that the predator pierced the bottom of their boat.

The incident occurred in one of the most beautiful places in the bay - in the Bay of Setouan. The locals often come there to fish and just admire the views. And men will remember this foray into nature for a long time: they almost became victims of an eight-ton angry killer whale. One of them managed to get a mobile phone and shoot everything on camera, while his comrades were deciding what to do now.

- Ofigela absolutely! Get out, you fool, you brute! She pushes us to the ocean! Go away! Fire? - says one of the friends on the video.

- No, don't shoot! She's playing, fooling around! He wants to drown us! Let's go to the shore! - the second answers him.

And then the events developed at an uncanny speed: the killer whale flooded the boat with water, beat against its bottom and eventually pierced it. It was a miracle that the men managed to get to the shore alive.

The eight-ton predator pierced the bottom of the boat. Photo: Freeze Frame Video

Killer whales do not eat people. But they drown them, carrying them deep into the water. And, according to experts, the attack of the main predator from the dolphin family on small ships is not uncommon. Therefore, fishing enthusiasts are better off staying away from the places where the inhabitants of the ocean are used to gathering. Man cannot survive in the fight against a killer whale: it is too smart for mammals. The killer whale becomes especially dangerous during the mating season or due to stress.

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