Road bitumen and its characteristic advantages

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Road bitumen and its characteristic advantages
Road bitumen and its characteristic advantages

Different materials are used in road construction, but bitumen plays a key role. It is an organic substance, which is obtained artificially or naturally, and consists of carbon, hydrogen, sulfur, oxygen and nitrogen. Outwardly, the product has a viscous black consistency, which does not dissolve in water, and when heated, turns into a liquid form. It is used in road construction and repair, as well as in other areas and directions, such as construction, where it serves as an interlayer between the concrete base of the foundation and the first row of a brick wall.

How do you get the products

Bitumen is a dense and viscous substance that has a complex composition. Extraction of natural material occurs by open-cut and mine methods in the deposits. An artificial product is obtained from tar. For this, the following processing methods are carried out:

1. By means of reduced pressure, precipitation of heavy fractions of oil residues is carried out.

2. Oxidation of tar with its heating up to 200 degrees. During the process, oxygen is purged to produce a thermostable material.

3. Use of distillers.


Depending on the bitumen production technology, the products have the appropriate technical parameters. They are taken into account if necessary buy road bitumen for the corresponding works.

Main technical parameters of the material

Bitumen used in road construction is characterized by the following technical properties:

  • density - it ranges from 950 to 1500 kg / m3… This parameter allows you to determine the presence of third-party impurities in the product, which can be added by unscrupulous suppliers in order to increase financial profit;
  • melting temperature - it depends on the brand of the product and affects not only the operating conditions, but also the technology of application.

Bitumen is sold in any volume that is necessary for specific tasks. When buying and ordering materials, you can be sure of their quality thanks to the appropriate certificates from the manufacturer, which must be provided by the supplier.

Benefits of Application

Bitumen, or road mastic, has many advantages, thanks to which it has gained wide popularity in the construction of highways, roads and even airfields. Its main advantages are:

1. High adhesion properties to various surfaces. Thanks to this feature, the use of bitumen allows you to create high-strength and durable road structures.

2. Ability to use at low temperatures and high humidity.

3. Reducing the amount of hazardous emissions into the atmosphere.

4. The high level of viscosity of the mastic allows the substance to penetrate into the surface structure, filling pores, cracks and other defects.

5. Reduced material consumption due to its distribution in a thin layer on the surface.

The use of mastic in road construction allows you to create reliable and durable structures that prevent the possibility of moisture penetration and thereby exclude their destruction.

Recommendations for correct use

When working with bitumen, the sequence of actions must be followed. Only after bringing the product to full readiness is it applied to the surface. For heating, special melting plants are used.


The consumption rate of the substance depends on the type of work. Moreover, it is important to observe the thickness of the layer to be laid, which ultimately will affect such signs as the speed of solidification, resistance to various influences and the degree of adhesion.

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