Floods cause catastrophic destruction in Sudan

Floods cause catastrophic destruction in Sudan
Floods cause catastrophic destruction in Sudan

Severe flooding in southern White Nile State affected 53 villages or more than 61,000 people, including 35,000 South Sudanese refugees in the Alganaa area.

Local authorities said the floods have caused "catastrophic destruction" since the start of the week.

The main current of the Nile near Atbara has risen since yesterday, but for now it is still almost 1 m (3.3 ft) below the 2020 flood level.

The humanitarian situation is described as "catastrophic and beyond the capacity of the community."

Al-Jabalayn Al-Walid Executive Director Amir Bahar said more than 53 villages and herding settlements in southern Jouda are in dire straits due to torrential rains and floods that have resulted in buildings collapsing, farmland damage and livestock deaths.

Alwaleed noted that the local administration has mobilized all human and material resources to evacuate families surrounded by flood waters.

Moreover, the head of the executive power of the settlement assured that convoys with humanitarian aid from the Chamber of Zakat, UNHCR and SRKS are heading to the flooding site to provide assistance to the affected families.

Sudan's National Civil Defense Council reported on August 24 that at least 43 people have died, 3,838 homes have been destroyed and an additional 8,514 damaged by heavy rains and floods that have hit the country since the end of July 2021, when the rainy season began.

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