Record rains cause flash floods in France

Record rains cause flash floods in France
Record rains cause flash floods in France

Record rains flooded the streets in the department of Lot-et-Garonne - two-month rainfall fell in a few hours - flooding depth of more than 2 meters

The streets of the city of Agen were flooded with water to a depth of more than 2 meters, according to city officials. About 70 firefighters were deployed to the area, and teams responded to approximately 130 incidents, mostly in flooded basements or buildings. There were no reports of casualties or deaths. Local authorities have opened an evacuation center in the city hall. According to local media reports, firefighters rescued about 20 people.

The nearby areas of Boe, Nerak and Marmande were also affected, and several roads in the area were closed. In Boe, part of the roof of a supermarket collapsed under the weight of the rain.

According to Météo France, from 19:00 to 22:00 on September 8, La Garenne station in Agen recorded a record 128.8 mm of precipitation. Of these, 80.5 mm fell out in just one hour. Prior to that, the record for 24-hour rain was 73.6mm in February 1990.

Heavy rains also fell in the districts of the Aude department. Roads in Lesignan-Corbières were flooded. According to Météo France, more than 40 mm of precipitation fell in several areas in 1 hour. In Cones-Minervois, 57.6 mm fell in one hour, which is equivalent to the monthly norm of precipitation.

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