Heavy floods hit Pattaya, Thailand

Heavy floods hit Pattaya, Thailand
Heavy floods hit Pattaya, Thailand

To Pattaya. bad weather hit and everything resembled a scene from a Hollywood disaster movie. The rain did not stop at dawn, but rained all morning and almost all day.

It is known that the streets of Pattaya flood even with the slightest rainfall, but with such a heavy downpour, which lasted all night, the worst should have hit the unsuspecting residents that day.

By late morning, the scale of the destruction became more noticeable, as the water rose to new heights in almost all parts of the city.

One of the hardest hit areas was the Jomtien Beach Road at the junction near the Grand Jomtien Hotel. The beach road collapsed and slipped 5 meters to the beach. Palm trees and traffic light poles were also knocked down on the beach.

The police had to block this section of the road and redirect traffic so that people could get to Pattaya and back.

Hundreds of fish swam along with the stream of water onto roads and highways, where people cast their nets or set traps for easy catch.

The worst is not over yet as the Meteorological Department issued a forecast for the provinces of the eastern region, especially Chanthaburi and Trat, that they should be on high alert for possible flash floods. A warning has also been issued to Rayong and Chonburi that heavy rains are expected between 9-11 September.

In the capital of Thailand, Bangkok, in the coming days, light or heavy rain is expected on 70% of the metropolitan area.

Pattaya is preparing for worsening weather.

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