Adygea was covered with hail the size of a matchbox

Adygea was covered with hail the size of a matchbox
Adygea was covered with hail the size of a matchbox

A large hail fell at once in several districts of Adygea on September 12. Local residents reported this on social networks.

It is worth noting that usually experts foresee how many hours the bombing will begin. However, this time the hail cell formed very quickly. First, thunderclouds appeared over the populated areas of the republic, and a hurricane wind rose. And after 10 minutes hailstones began to fall from the sky.

The main epicenter of bad weather fell on Maykop. It was here that the shells were the largest. Some of the townspeople compared them with a matchbox, someone with a quail egg.


As the locals say, for 15 minutes hail fell from the sky without stopping for a minute. A similar picture unfolded in nearby settlements.

- And the hailstones are some kind of sharp and prickly, just like a coronavirus, - laughing users in social networks, looking at the ice shells.

- There hasn't been such a bombing for a long time! - said others.

When the bad weather was just gaining momentum, many residents of Adygea decided to go outside and record on video what nature is doing. The frames show that the hailstones poured without stopping.

Many drivers were in a hurry to hide their cars - repairs could cost them a pretty penny.

After the rampant elements, local residents are already counting the losses. Many suffered damage to their greenhouses, cars and sheds. The damaged houses have not yet been reported, there are no problems with communications due to the disaster.

According to meteorologists, strong convection develops in the south from May to September. It is cloudy, due to which heavy showers, thunderstorms and a squall are observed. So there is nothing abnormal here - hailstorms occur regularly.

Note that a storm warning is still in effect in Adygea. In the region, bad weather is promised until lunchtime on September 13. According to forecasts, heavy showers with thunderstorms, hail and squally increase of wind up to 20 meters per second are expected.

- We ask you to be more careful residents and guests of the republic, - inform "Komsomolskaya Pravda" - Kuban "in the Ministry of Emergency Situations in Adygea.

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