Floods in Vietnam killed 2 people

Floods in Vietnam killed 2 people
Floods in Vietnam killed 2 people

The Conson storm brought heavy rains to parts of Vietnam, causing flash floods that killed 2 people and damaged hundreds of homes.

According to the Vietnam Disaster Management Authority (VDMA), from September 10 to September 13, storm Conseong rained 908 mm of rainfall in Binh Tan, Quang Ngai province. During the same period, 807 mm of precipitation fell at Tra Hiep in Quang Ngai; in Thuong Lo in Thua Thien Hue - 772 mm; in Tam Tra in Quang Nam - 772 mm; in Tra Kot in Quang Nam - 685 mm.

The worst flooding occurred in Quang Ngai, where 775 houses were damaged, according to VDMA. The flood also affected Quang Tri (10 houses were damaged), Kon Tum (07 houses), Gia Lai (03 houses). About 750 people from 215 families were evacuated from low-lying areas in Tra Bong, Ba To and Binh Son counties in Quang Ngai province. More than 8,000 hectares of rice and crops were flooded or damaged.

One person died after being washed away by flood waters in the Tu Mo Rong area of ​​Kon Tum province. Another person was killed by flooding in the Son Tinh District of Quang Ngai Province.

The Conson storm also brought strong winds that damaged the roofs of 131 houses. The stormy sea created problems for ships. Rescue teams rescued 18 people from two ships facing problems.

The Conson storm previously affected parts of the Philippines, where thousands of people were displaced from their homes.

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