Healthy legs with tourmaline gaiters and knee pads

Healthy legs with tourmaline gaiters and knee pads
Healthy legs with tourmaline gaiters and knee pads

Inflammation of the knee joints, pain, microtrauma can overtake everyone. It is important to immediately stop the development of dangerous processes, to remove negative symptoms. For this, special tightening gaiters and knee pads are used. The latest technologies have made it possible to create a special type of medical underwear - tourmaline. It has a stable magnetic field and emits weak electrical discharges. Blood circulation in the joint is maintained, fluids do not stagnate, inflammation and swelling quickly go away, restoring full mobility without pain.

Indications for the use of tourmaline linen

The combined therapeutic effect fights well against recent injuries and already old, chronic problems. There is a rapid improvement in the condition, a decrease in soreness or the number of spasms in the muscles. Today very magnetic tourmaline gaiters that help with varicose veins and knee pain. They are quite inexpensive and available to everyone.

Tourmaline gaiters and knee pads should be worn when:

• Swelling of the legs, varicose veins and other vascular diseases. The magnetic and electrical action stimulates active blood flow. Due to this, real help is provided to the knee joints - tourmaline knee pads can be used by everyone.

• Arthritis, chronic injuries and chronic diseases of the knee joint.

• Sprains and dislocations also heal quickly with regular tourmaline underwear.

• Nocturnal cramps, cramps with exertion or movement of the leg. Active leggings can reduce painful attacks to almost zero.

The nuances of choosing and wearing tourmaline underwear

Initially, you need to decide on the subjects. Puffiness, varicose veins, spasms and cramps require wearing gaiters. The knee pad solves problems with the knee joint.

There are several sizes. You should choose elastic underwear that fits snugly and squeezes the knee or calf noticeably. However, it is not recommended to wear too small sizes, they will worsen the blood circulation of external veins.

Tourmaline gaiters and knee pads are made of cotton with elastic fibers and tourmaline microcrystals. Therefore, it is enough just to choose the size and color when buying.

Leg warmers should be worn during exercise, street walks, on the way to work. If night cramps are troubling, then the underwear is worn all night. Knee pads should be used 30-40 minutes before the load on the joint - training, walking. It is important to fix them along the contour so that the entire knee is unloaded. The recommended wearing time is about 8 hours a day.

Taking care of your tourmaline gaiters and knee pads is easy. It is enough to perform a delicate wash with mild detergents without chlorine or bleach.

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