An unidentified space object entered the earth's atmosphere in the skies over London

An unidentified space object entered the earth's atmosphere in the skies over London
An unidentified space object entered the earth's atmosphere in the skies over London

In the English county of Kent, a local resident Steven Sangster living in Orpington, southeast London, on August 28, captured on video the moment an object entered the dense layers of the earth's atmosphere from space and it was definitely not a meteorite, and not a fall of space debris.

“I had a telescope, I watched the sky that evening, because there was supposed to be a beautiful moon, and I was waiting for it to rise. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a glowing object, scattering“sparks”and at first I thought it was a shooting star.

It all happened pretty quickly and I was just lucky that my telescope was pointed in that direction and I managed to film what was happening on video. I don't know what it was, "says Stephen Sangster.

The video is of sufficient quality and you can see this object. It appears on the left side, flies very quickly along a gentle trajectory and a "fiery tail" stretches behind it, as if from an object entering the dense layers of the earth's atmosphere.

The object then drastically slows down. The "fiery trail" goes out after him. The subject flies forward smoothly, periodically emitting flashes of light of different color spectrum. Then the object makes a sharp turn at right angles and goes in the opposite direction. After a sharp turn, the object is visible for a short time and disappears from the field of view, although it should have been still visible.

I slowed down the video and zoomed in on the subject. UFO enters the earth's atmosphere, it is engulfed in flames. Then he slows down, the effects of the resistance of the dense layers of the atmosphere disappear and we see an object of a very unusual shape. It is difficult to say what kind of shape it is, because after slowing down, the UFO begins to transform and this process is accompanied by flashes of different colors.

It seems that at first the object is three tightly connected spherical objects with some kind of black object in the middle. The object is then transformed into one shining object in the center and two objects move along the edges of it. The central one is larger and shines brightly, the lateral ones are smaller and emit less glow.

Then, continuing to slowly fly forward, the side objects begin to slowly move away from the central object and the glow of all three objects is aligned. They continue to fly separately, but in one group - the central object (more) and two on the sides at a distance (less). The central object turns white and the side objects red.

Then, the side objects disappear, the center one becomes larger and begins to emit bright flashes of light. then there is a bright yellow flash of the surrounding object and it makes a sharp turn practically turning in place and lying on the course in the opposite direction and it is clear that the side objects again appeared and "blinked", appearing and disappearing. The entire object then "disappears" by apparently either accelerating dramatically or using an invisibility system.

The main stages of UFO transformation during flight:

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