Russia has learned to project QR codes from space to Earth

Russia has learned to project QR codes from space to Earth
Russia has learned to project QR codes from space to Earth

The new technology can be used both for advertising and for mass notification of people.

Following the artificial constellations, the Russian company Avant Space announced the creation of a technology for projecting QR codes from space onto the Earth.

The Russian startup, which in September 2020 announced the successful test of a project to create artificial constellations in space, patented the technology for transmitting information to Earth from space on the principle of a QR code system.

“Avant Space has received a patent from the Federal Service for Intellectual Property for a technology that allows information to be transmitted from space by flickering lasers. Its essence lies in the fact that the flickering of lasers makes it possible to transmit a binary code. So, when pointing the phone at a spacecraft showing ads from orbit, the user gets the opportunity to receive information in the form of text or links, - reports TASS.

The company itself emphasized that the new technology makes it possible to use it not only for commercial purposes, but also for organizing mass information of the population. In addition, the development can be used not only in Russia, but also in other countries.

“Our solution can be scaled on a variety of platforms, including for public emergency information, emergency assistance and other situations. I am sure that the export potential of this technology will remind of itself in the near future,”TASS quotes the head of Avant Space, Anton Ossovsky.

We will remind, earlier the company announced its intention to use artificial satellites to be able to notify the entire population of the Earth about a global problem within 24 hours. For this, a constellation of up to fifty satellites with a powerful laser and an ion engine will be used, which will be able to form artificial constellations in the form of the necessary information. The only limitations for the new system are bad weather and daytime, since images can only be seen at night.