HD photographs of US cities taken in 1900-1915

HD photographs of US cities taken in 1900-1915
HD photographs of US cities taken in 1900-1915

After I published the articles “Moscow without people in 1867. Where are all the people? " (first and second parts) and "St. Petersburg without people in 1861: Where are all the people?" in an attempt to explain the inexplicable, many "educated" people began to write in the comments ridiculous "authoritative opinions" that in those years there was no high-quality photographic equipment and they say that to take one picture, the exposure was set for an hour, etc. and so on nonsense, which a truly educated person simply cannot take it seriously.

These people are a "litmus test" of modern society, brought up on a constant lie about the past of human civilization, we are not even talking about what was actually a thousand years ago, the society zombified by "public expert opinion" has no idea that there was a hundred or two hundred years ago.

These "educated people", who base their "expertise" on articles from the semi-fantastic "Wikipedia" and programs watched on TV, are sure that the time in which we are now living is the most enlightened and technologically advanced. We supposedly possess such technologies and have reached such heights that people could not even dream of a hundred years ago.

Naturally, when such "educated people" see information (historical) that destroys this blissful picture in their head, they fall into a stupor and turn into robots who repeat, as if they were established, that "then there were no such technologies, everyone knows not it was, experts say it was not, science does not lie "etc.

These people believe that we (humanity) sent people into space, where they fly on the International Space Station, bravely go into outer space and experience a state of weightlessness. This is surprising, to say the least. Surprising given the fact that information about the current state of affairs is not hidden. it is generally available, but these "educated people" have forgotten how not only to search for information, but also to comprehend, analyze and draw conclusions from it. The ISS flies in the upper layers of the earth's atmosphere. Need to explain that the earth's atmosphere is not open space? No one flies in space, no one goes into outer space, simply for the simple reason that all this is done in the earth's atmosphere, and weightlessness arises because the ISS rushes through the earth's orbit at an altitude of only 400 km, like a cannonball on a mad speed 28000 km / h.

These people believe that earlier there were no factories and technologies. Only now, as they are sure, we have reached unprecedented heights, including in photographic equipment. Well, after all, everyone has a smartphone in their pocket, and for some, its cost is comparable to the cost of a very good telescope. They are sure that HD is a merit of modern technology and have no idea that at the time they are making fun of - the photos were of better quality than they are now, and the dimensions of the cameras were not huge, but quite portable. Your smartphone, compared to the photographic equipment of the 18th and 19th centuries, is a soap dish.

I suggest you take a look at the quality of photographs from 1900-1915 (available on the US Library of Congress website).

These photographs are mostly from New York, some of them from Detroit, Chicago, Memphis, Atlantic City, etc. Look and tell me again about "exposure" and "primitive photography":

Now tell me educated people - is your iPad capable of taking pictures of the same quality? These were made between 1900 and 1915.

This is another example of the arrow of progress, especially when it comes to technology, not necessarily moving forward. In fact, we are dealing with modern HD marketing and the transition from analog to digital.Everything is done not for the sake of quality or "new technologies" but for making a profit by creating low-quality, but massive "innovations". This is not a step forward in terms of technological development, but two steps back.

HD photography technology was available 50-75 years after its invention (photography itself), but most people did not have enough money to buy these high-quality and technological devices. So the industry, instead of phasing in technology, has taken a different path - lowering quality for faster / cheaper production reasons (think Polaroid) in order to attract more people to buy. After all, when the market is saturated, it's time to introduce "updates" that will simply rebrand what already exists (think Tesla).

What's interesting (and probably saddest) is that it really seems like there is nothing new under the sun in terms of technology, just a market that rises and falls based on the general culture and disposable income of the average person.

Naturally, "educated people" and "science" will not shout about it at every corner. Their task is to keep society in a state of euphoria from "scientific achievements", even if in fact they do not exist at all.

The average person may find the quality of the photographs I have shown astonishing, but I suspect that any expert in the history of photography will not be surprised, since he, by the nature of his specialization and work, is well aware of what technique was before and what is available. today thanks to "technology".

We just grew up in a certain paradigm that tries to reject any anomalies in the overall storyline. And we live in a world that is becoming more and more specialized, so the knowledge of most people outside of their field of expertise is so superficial that they have no choice but to accept a consensus that is more determined by corporate interests and the media than by real ones., not fictional "experts".

However, I believe that every time someone encounters one of these alleged anomalies, there is an opportunity to expand their personal paradigm (in science and philosophy, a paradigm means a specific set of concepts or patterns of thought).

"Human! It sounds … proud! " was said in Satin's monologue from the play "At the Bottom", but I would add that it is not enough to be just a person to be proud of this title.

Now is the age of stagnation, dullness and degradation of society, but each person individually has a choice, to dull along with the rest of the "enlightened society" or to go beyond the created false paradigm surrounding it and try to see the world as it really is.

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