Tennis for children: how old to start classes and what is the use

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Tennis for children: how old to start classes and what is the use
Tennis for children: how old to start classes and what is the use

Tennis sports training for children is a good way to improve health, improve physical fitness, increase endurance and agility. But in order to achieve heights in this sport, regular training should be started as early as possible. At what age is it better to start training, what are the benefits and possible harm of tennis for the child's body, and how to choose a section for training - we answer the most frequent questions.

What time should I send my child to play tennis?

The most effective age for a child to start training is considered to be 4-5 years old, although some parents teach kids to play tennis even earlier. But it is from the age of five that children understand the importance of such activities, they are able to withstand physical exertion, coordinate their movements, play tennis correctly, and absorb information well. The main tasks of the trainer in the first stages of training:

  • development of coordination abilities of children;

  • practicing the technique of holding the racket, playing on the tennis court;

  • the development of strength, endurance, dexterity in children;

  • teaching the rules of the game;

  • assistance in the development of logical and analytical thinking, which will be useful to the kid for the invention of individual tactics and their successful application during the competition.

The optimal load for a five-year-old athlete is considered to be three tennis trainings per week, each of which lasts no more than 1-1.5 hours. When a child reaches the age of 7-8, their number can be increased up to 5 times. This is enough for him to get the necessary experience, and the growing body gradually adapts to physical activity at a professional level.

Which children will benefit from tennis and who will not?

Having decided to give your child to tennis, you need to assess how this sport suits him. Slow, calm children, not striving for competition, this dynamic sport is unlikely to please. Children who are unable to withstand stress, are not accustomed to physical activity, give up before others and refuse to attend classes.

Playing tennis will be useful and perfect for those children who:

  • play for a long time in playgrounds, are physically active, do not ask to go home;

  • do not have an interest in team games, but, on the contrary, love competition;

  • have a good reaction, they can catch or hit the ball suddenly thrown in their direction.

Tennis for children is equally suitable for boys and girls of any body type and height. The positive influence of tennis on the development of the baby's body is undeniable: this sport helps to train agility, strength and always keep yourself in shape.

The benefits and harms of tennis for children

Before making a responsible decision about starting a child playing tennis, parents need to weigh all the pros and cons of this sport. On the one hand, there are high loads for the child's body, material costs, and possible injuries during training. On the other hand - the harmonious physical and intellectual development of the baby, the development of flexibility and endurance.

The positive aspects of children's tennis

  • General strengthening of children's health and immunity.

  • Harmonious formation of muscles - during training, all muscle groups work harmoniously, their tone increases, blood flow improves, and the press is pumped.

  • Strengthening the heart, blood vessels, a positive effect on the respiratory system.

  • Improving visual acuity, coordination and reaction speed.

  • Children's tennis strengthens character and will.

  • Development of the skill of quick analysis of the situation and decision-making.

  • A good way for hyperactive children to throw out energy, relieve stress.

  • This is a very interesting sport, coupled with elements of competition, which has a good effect on the psychological development of the baby.

Negative sides of tennis

  • The risk of injury during training and competition - sprains, sprains and hematomas, pain in muscles and joints after exercise.

  • Due to the constant loads on the locomotor apparatus, the health condition of the little athlete needs systematic monitoring.

  • The introduction of restrictions in the usual way of life, the need to adhere to a strict schedule.

  • Considerable material costs for equipment, preparation for the competition.

  • The need to always support, motivate the baby, control his emotional state, especially during the competitive period.

During classes, children should be careful, listen to the coach, and warm up well before the game in order to warm up all muscle groups and protect themselves from injuries - then many negative consequences can be easily avoided.

What are the contraindications for playing tennis in children?

There are few contraindications for tennis for children, but you should be aware of them. You should not give your baby to this sport if he is diagnosed with:

  • diseases of the musculoskeletal system, joints and muscles;

  • intervertebral hernia or neuralgia;

  • cardiovascular diseases;

  • hypertension;

  • myopia;

  • exacerbation of any inflammatory processes.

If the desire to play is still stronger than the ailments, before starting training, you must definitely consult a doctor, pass the necessary tests and, after receiving permission, to engage in an individual program with reduced physical activity.

Which classes to choose: individual or group?

Experts are unanimous in the opinion that both group and individual training in lawn tennis will be useful for young athletes. And yet you need to know when to give preference to a lesson in a group, and when it is better to move on to attending individual lessons.

  • Group lessons are ideal for children who are just starting to play tennis, get to know the rules and techniques, adapt to a new team, overcome their fear of the field of play.

  • In individual trainings, the coach's attention is directed to one child - this is well reflected in the rapprochement between the coach and the athlete, it allows you to better work out the technique, hone the blows.

The best option is to first connect the baby to group training, and when the adaptation has been successfully completed, transfer him to individual lessons.

Tennis School Champion

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What do we offer:

  • professional approach to classes with the development of an individual program;

  • effective and interesting workouts;

  • work with highly qualified trainers;

  • master classes from tennis stars;

  • away games;

  • cooperation with world tennis schools;

  • free provision of sports equipment.

For many children, tennis is not just a hobby, but a sport that turns into the meaning of life. If you are going to enroll your child in the tennis section in Moscow, the Champion sports school will be the best solution.

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