Reasons for the popularity of Sebbin silicone implants

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Reasons for the popularity of Sebbin silicone implants
Reasons for the popularity of Sebbin silicone implants

The choice of implants is considered an important task for both the plastic surgeon and his patients. Today, a good implant is the key to safety, as well as achieving the client's vision of the aesthetic results of the operation. The French brand Sebbin appeared on the Russian market relatively recently, in 2011, but during this time it quickly gained the respect of specialists. And this is not surprising, because on the world market, Sebbin implants have long held leading positions in Europe, North and Latin America. Therefore, in this article we will talk about the advantages of the French brand's endoprostheses, as well as about the features of the model range.

Sebbin silicone implants - advantages and features

The main feature that favorably distinguishes the Sebbin company is associated with the organization of production and quality control. The specialists of the French brand are constantly working on the introduction of new technologies that can improve safety performance, as well as natural form after installation. The impeccable reputation of the company is achieved through the introduction of control at every stage of production, and is also confirmed by the results of independent research and the availability of international quality certificates.

It is profitable to buy Sebbin silicone implants for a number of reasons, including:

  • Using a high quality multi-layer casing, which can contain up to 8 layers. This achieves complete impermeability of the capsule and minimal risk of rupture.
  • The use of highly cohesive silicone gel as a filler allows for maximum naturalness of the breast shape after implant placement. In addition, it provides a natural feel to palpation.
  • "Memorizing" the form. Sebbin (France) implants have an advantageous difference - they are able to regain their shape even after heavy loads or constant exposure, which favorably affects the aesthetic qualities and service life.
  • Lifetime warranty. The Sebbin company is confident in the quality of its products, therefore it offers its customers a lifetime warranty, which means that if a defect is found in the implants, the company will cover all the costs of replacing them.

Sebbin offers a wide range of implants, as well as the ability to order a model tailored to individual needs. To do this, it is enough to consult with a surgeon who will conduct an examination and an example, taking into account the wishes of the client - in case standard sizes of endoprostheses are not suitable for them, then the Sebbin company offers an individualized model.

The use of implants "Sebbin"

The French brand offers implants for aesthetic or reconstructive surgery of breasts, legs, buttocks and even male testicles. At the same time, the company's customers can choose different models, for example. Anatomical and round breast implants, with a smooth or textured shell and filling of varying degrees of density.

Clients of plastic surgery clinics and surgeons themselves can choose the appropriate model, while receiving an official guarantee of the quality and safety of the materials used for the production of implants. For more confidence, you can read the reviews about Sebbin silicone implants, which are left by both clients and surgeons and representatives of the expert community.

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