The land is one huge ancient quarry. Part 1

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The land is one huge ancient quarry. Part 1
The land is one huge ancient quarry. Part 1

"If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck" - we all heard about this so-called "duck batter". He assumes that a person can identify an unknown object by observing its typical characteristics. If in the ancient image we see a bucket wheel excavator, then this is it.

If we take this "duck test" into account, then our planet Earth is nothing more than one huge giant quarry. A quarry in which coal, copper, uranium, nickel, gold and other natural resources were mined a long time ago (or not very long ago). The striking resemblance might make a non-biased person at least look into the matter.

Below are photographs of several quarries. This is the result of mining by our civilization in different parts of the world.

Careers: Lebedinsky (RF) / Magnetic Mountain (RF) / Cheremshansky (RF) / Escondida (Chile) / Karlin Trend (USA) / Kenecott (USA)

m3 / h. The largest BWE ever built is the TAKRAF Bagger-293, which weighs 14 200 tons and is able to move daily 240 000 cubic meters of overburden. There have been reported excavations of 380,000 cubic meters per day.

yy … 25cm in height:

in their hands, "robots" hold objects that resemble today's jackhammers. The handle of this device is not the same as that of a sword, knife, hammer or other primitive tool of labor or weapon, namely, like that of a modern pneumatic jackhammer - across the direction of action of the force: