A geomagnetic storm is raging on Earth

A geomagnetic storm is raging on Earth
A geomagnetic storm is raging on Earth

The efforts of NOAA specialists trying to make predictions of "space weather" lately resemble an attempt to predict rather than predict. According to the latest forecasts, there were no large flares on the Sun, but there were only "detached threads of magnetism" that did not threaten the Earth with their influence.

On August 26, "Space Meteorologists" reported about the "thread of magnetism", but they assured that it would not have an impact on the earth, but it might, but it would definitely not cause a weak and geomagnetic storm.

On August 27, they also reported that this "thread of magnetism" may and will have an impact, but there will definitely not be a geomagnetic storm and happily confirmed their "forecast" at the end of the day, assuring that now no storms are expected. …

However, today - August 28, a strong geomagnetic storm hit the Earth, which currently reaches the Kr5 level (red value).

Space meteorologists quickly tried to "change shoes on the go", reporting that yesterday, August 27, the Sun had a coronal mass ejection and "the Earth is passing through a highly magnetized trail from the CME."

Let's put it bluntly - not a weak "trace", since according to the data available in the public domain, today's magnetic storm is accompanied not only by a powerful outbreak of aurora borealis, but also by powerful cosmic radiation covering almost the entire planet.

Let's leave the NOAA predictions alone and look at the data for ourselves. According to the available data on solar activity, there was a flare yesterday and it was quite powerful. It is surprising that the impact after the outbreak on the earth came almost instantly, given that the actual plasma ejection itself will cover the Earth only by August 30.

Such "effects" indicate that the Earth's magnetic field has completely ceased to cope with its functions of the "Earth's shield". Let's see what will turn out for us the weakness of the earth's "magnetic shield" by 30 August.

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