Moscow will be covered by "heat anomaly"

Moscow will be covered by "heat anomaly"
Moscow will be covered by "heat anomaly"

Meteorologist Roman Vilfand said that the weather forecast of the Hydrometeorological Center promises to Moscow and neighboring regions a "thermal anomaly" this week: temperatures will exceed the norm by five degrees.

According to Vilfand, from Friday, August 27, the whole Central Federal District will be warmer than normal.

The expert called the weather of the coming Friday pleasant and said that it would not change until the end of the week.

In particular, in the capital region on the last working day and on weekends, it is expected about plus 23-25 degrees during the day, and at night - 13-15 degrees above zero.

The weather forecast of the Phobos center also promised earlier that Moscow would be warmer from August 27: according to meteorologists, the air in the capital will warm up to plus 26 degrees.

The preceding Thursday, August 26, will turn out to be "September". In the capital and the region on this day it will be 18 - 19 degrees, there will be rains (up to Friday in the city up to 25 millimeters of precipitation may fall), but the next day summer will return.

St. Petersburg is also expecting a change in the cold anomaly: on August 26 there will be only 15-16 degrees Celsius (this is four degrees below normal), but from Friday the sun will appear in the city, which will warm the air up to 18-20 degrees Celsius.

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