How to choose the right gym: search criteria

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How to choose the right gym: search criteria
How to choose the right gym: search criteria

It is not too late to start playing sports, to maintain excellent physical shape at any age. Moreover, in our time, a wide selection of personal, group training is available, in every district of the city, outside the city, in cottage villages there are gyms with conditions for every taste, prices for different wallets. How to choose a gym for a beginner who is not at all versed in the intricacies of training, we will tell in the article. Let us dwell in detail on the most important criteria for the selection of a sports center or fitness club.

The purpose of sports activities

For a beginner who decides to train, motivation is of the utmost importance. If you intend to go to a sports club, your goals may be:

  • losing weight;

  • weight gain;

  • turning fat into muscle;

  • keeping the body in good shape;

  • improvement of well-being, health promotion;

  • mastering skills in a certain direction (for example, tennis, swimming).

Your goal will not let you stop in front of difficulties, will stimulate you to move forward. Difficulties are inevitable if you are not used to physical activity, individual work with an instructor, group training.

Depending on your interests and preferences, you can choose a room with:

  • nutritional counseling, dietary control and food intake scheduling services;

  • swimming pool, sauna;

  • massage;

  • group classes in dancing, yoga, aerobics;

  • courts for tennis, volleyball.

If you plan to engage in a variety of activities, it is advisable to buy a subscription. When combining different types of activities, priorities are usually highlighted, others are given less attention. There are few additional workouts that are not related to the main ones, extra classes are paid separately.

Consider the scope of your goal. Decide whether you want to practice constantly or just want to put your body in order for a celebration, a trip on vacation. If the prospect is short-term, there is no point in paying special attention to the choice of the club, the coach. It is quite possible to enroll in the hall closest to home or work. For regular activities, many factors matter.

Convenient location of the fitness center

When choosing a gym, this point is very important. When sport is not the main activity in a person's life, training adapts to the daily schedule. It's good when you have a lot of time and you have the opportunity to visit the best club in the city, located in the opposite corner of the metropolis, tens of kilometers away. For most busy people, such trips are a luxury.

The ideal location for the gym is within walking distance from work or home. Don't discount the good options on your way home from work. Suburban fitness centers are very good for exercising, such as, for example, in the Pride club in the Odintsovo district of the Moscow region. The advantages of such establishments include:

  • the opportunity to additionally visit the spa, beauty studio;

  • combination of loads in the gym with outdoor activities, in the open air, swimming;

  • spacious halls with various exercise machines, sports equipment;

  • the opportunity to study with family members, friends;

  • flexible class schedule.

When planning to get to the club by public transport, consider the convenience of the transport interchange, the presence of traffic jams during rush hours. Do not forget that with a heavy bag in your hands you will have to travel often, in any weather - rain, frost, snowfall, abnormal heat. Car enthusiasts should inquire about the availability of nearby parking (free or paid).

Working conditions of the sports club

It is important to pay attention to several criteria at once: the area of ​​the territory, the equipment of the hall and its division into zones, conveniences and comfort, the serviceability of the equipment, sanitary condition, and opening hours. Let us dwell on each of the points in more detail.

Room capacity

Here we are talking more about "overcrowding" than about the area of ​​the territory. It will not be very convenient for you to practice if you have to wait in line for the simulator, do exercises on the mat close to other visitors, take dumbbells of the wrong weight, because others are busy. Therefore, you should first come to the hall at the hours you plan to walk and assess the situation.

If you liked the sports club, but you are not satisfied with the "density" of those involved, ask the trainer or administrator for the fullness of the "simulator" in another period. You may need to consider a different schedule than the one previously planned.

It is worth noting that not all gym goers are delighted with large, noisy, crowded sports centers. Someone likes small, cozy rooms where everyone knows each other, where the coach and the charges are like one friendly family. If you are attracted to small close-knit teams, look for a mini-club with 1-2 coaches.

Delimitation of zones, simulators

The gym and group rooms are usually located separately. As a rule, on the territory of sports clubs there are zones:

  • power, equipped with simulators for pumping arms, legs, back, press;

  • cardio with treadmills, exercise bikes, steppers. The more equipment the better. Cardio training takes an average of 20 minutes, so queues for simulators are not uncommon here;

  • free, in which dumbbells, barbells, fitballs, step platforms, rugs, benches are placed.

Pay attention to the condition of equipment, inventory, rugs. The presence of an additional pool, bath, hammam is a huge plus.

Comfort, convenience

In good sports clubs, there are always men's and women's locker rooms with showers and toilets. Lockers in changing rooms must be closed. Ideally, the key is handed over to the administrator at the reception in exchange for a bracelet. There are water coolers in the hall. Hot water is always available in the shower. Some sports facilities offer a towel, shampoo, shower gel in disposable packages for an additional fee. A hairdryer is in common use. If you have a child who has no one to leave, pay attention to the presence of a nursery.

Ventilation, air conditioning

This moment seems insignificant, you will not always pay attention to the hoods, however, you cannot do without high-quality ventilation during training, especially in the warm season. During training, people, women and men, sweat, and you yourself will sweat, you will have to be in the room for at least an hour.

In budget men's "rocking chairs" in semi-basements with old iron, the lack of ventilation is acceptable. In modern spacious halls with high ceilings, supply and exhaust systems, air conditioners are usually always available. In prestigious clubs there is ventilation and air conditioning in the dressing rooms.

Compliance with sanitary requirements

In well-known network clubs, cleaners take care of cleanliness and order throughout the day. If you find yourself in an unfamiliar fitness club, pay attention to:

  • order in storage of inventory;

  • cleanliness of exercise equipment, rugs, other devices;

  • windows, mirrors (glass should shine);

  • the condition of the handles, handrails of the simulators (stickiness, grease in the elements of the equipment are unacceptable).

The frequency of cleaning the floors depends on the traffic of the area. In small clubs, cleaning once a day is sufficient. In large centers, cleaners wipe the floors several times a day. In the halls in rainy or snowy weather, in early spring, when the snow melts, shoe covers are issued.

In the shower, next to the washbasins, there should always be soap, a dryer or paper towels, in the toilet - paper.

Intangible factors

Emotional environment is perhaps one of the most important criteria for choosing a sports club. It is impossible to fully appreciate it from a photo on the site, from a conversation with an administrator or a coach. Whether the club suits you or not can only be determined by attending the class in person.

The atmosphere should cause the desire to move, aim at getting the result. If you see a contingent in the gym that works sluggishly and reluctantly, if the coaches are always on the sidelines, such an environment is unlikely to generate a desire to train. Rhythmic music, active and fit people, coaches suggesting how to do exercises correctly, on the contrary, stimulate action.

Opening hours and class schedule

If your daily schedule is not tied to working hours on weekdays from 9 am to 6 pm, choose a club that is open during the day. In this case, there is no need to go to training in the morning, or in the evening, when the halls are overcrowded.

Clubs that work on weekends and even on holidays are very popular. The ability to change workout hours is also important, especially with irregular, floating work schedules.

Trainer, instructor, fitness center staff

The first person you will have to communicate with in person or by phone is the administrator. It is the reception staff who will be able to tell the newcomer in detail about the nuances of the classes, conduct the first consultation. If the administrator is polite and friendly, in the future you can count on the fact that your wishes and requests will be heard and taken into account, that the club's management values ​​its customers and strives to improve the service.

The "visiting card" of any club is the coaching staff. The results of training largely depend on the qualifications of the teacher, his work experience. You can find information about teachers both on the club's website and on the stand inside the institution.

Be sure to pay attention to:

  • availability of specialized education, specialization;

  • work experience;

  • certificates confirming qualifications;

  • awards and achievements.

If possible, study the reviews of the wards, visitors to the club. At the same time, remember that there can be no single correct opinion on this issue. Some people are stimulated by tight control, others accept only a soft democratic approach. When choosing a personal trainer, his personality, temperament, character, life values ​​are very important.

Price, subscriptions

The most significant factor influencing the final decision is the cost of training. It's good if the club has a website with up-to-date prices. When there is no price list, there is a possibility of getting caught by an obsessive manager who will try to persuade you to buy a subscription even if the offered conditions do not quite suit you. Do not leave your number, otherwise they will be spammed with SMS.

When deciding to choose a gym for regular training, take a rational approach and call or visit several clubs. When communicating with the administrator, manager, be sure to check the price for:

  • 1 lesson;

  • month;

  • subscription for several months, a year.

Ask for information about discounts for privileged categories: schoolchildren, students, people with disabilities. Focus on the middle price category, it is in this segment that the cost usually corresponds to the quality. In clubs that are too cheap, the conditions are appropriate, in VIP and premium classes, the price is often overpriced.

If you have not been particularly fond of sports before, do not buy a long-term subscription, despite the fact that the offer can be really profitable. The best option is a month. This period is enough to understand whether the workload regime offered in the club suits you, whether the coach is impressed, whether the schedule suits you. In practice, it is not uncommon for a person to spend money on a long-term subscription, but was like training for only a couple of months.

If you sign a contract, carefully read the terms and conditions, especially the paragraphs written in small print.

"Buns" and bonuses

In a number of clubs, there are various profitable offers for the seasons and on holidays. Discounts are provided for regular customers.

The most pleasant bonus is a free introductory lesson. On a trial workout, you can assess the level of load, cleanliness, atmosphere in the gym, try to work with a trainer, and decide exactly on the purchase of a subscription.

If you want to work out in a comfortable room, try different types of workouts, want to attend sports classes and spa treatments, come to the Pride Wellness Club. The club is located in the cottage town Zhukovka XXI. In addition to classes in the gym, programs on the water, outdoor workouts are offered.

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