The ice age threat is real

The ice age threat is real
The ice age threat is real

Most people have NEVER heard of Beaufort's kettlebell, a powerful wind current in the Arctic Ocean that has a far greater effect on sea ice than anything we can throw into the atmosphere. The Beaufort Gear has been regulating climate and sea ice formation for millennia. However, something has changed recently; it is not something that would lead to global warming, but threatens a new ice age.

There is a normal cycle that lasts about 5, 4 years when it changes direction and rotates counterclockwise, throwing ice and fresh water into the eastern Arctic Ocean and the North Atlantic. A cycle of 5, 4 years is interesting in that it represents two intervals of a pi-cycle of 8, 6. The nearest cycle suddenly expanded to two intervals of 8, 6 years, bringing it to 17, 2 years, when we approach 2022 …

You must understand that this Beaufort weight now contains as much fresh water as all the Great Lakes combined. Why is it important? Salt water freezes at a temperature lower than 32 degrees Celsius, at which fresh water freezes. The difference between the air temperature and the freezing point of salt water is greater than the difference between the air temperature and the freezing point of fresh water. Therefore, ice with salt on it melts faster, which is why we sprinkle roads with salt during an ice storm.

Now imagine that Beaufort's gear is a merry-go-round of ice and fresh water. As it now spins faster and clockwise, it collects more and more fresh water from three main sources:

1. Melting sea ice

2.flow from the Arctic Ocean from the rivers of Russia and North America

3. Salt water from the Bering Sea.

Yale University warned that this current could "cool the climate in Europe", which we are seeing. Cyclically, Beaufort Gear will change direction, and when this happens, the natural release of huge amounts of icy fresh water into the North Atlantic will become a clear and real danger. Remember that fresh water freezes faster than salt water.


This is not a theory. We have previous records of reversals in this Beaufort weight cycle dating back to the 1960s and 1970s, when fresh arctic water flooded into the North Atlantic, causing the water to freeze. Much work has been done on this issue, which is of course ignored by the climate change program, which seeks to blame only human activities. However, Science Advances explicitly states:

"Arctic sea ice affects climate on seasonal to decadal timescales, and models suggest that sea ice is needed for longer anomalies such as the Little Ice Age."

Due to the long 17, 2-year cycle in the Beaufort weight, there is a risk that a larger than usual discharge of fresh water into the Atlantic could disrupt the Gulf Stream, which is the only reason for the temperate climate in Europe. But it was not always so. We know that the barbarian invasion of Rome in the 3rd century was caused primarily by the colder climate in the north. The invasion of the Sea Peoples ended the Bronze Age, and people from the north migrated south, storming Mesopotamia and North Africa.

CLIMATE CHANGE IS REAL, it just isn't human made

We may have reached a tipping point now, and they cannot continue to argue that the extremely cold winter is also caused by CO2 and global warming. The collapse of the Gulf Stream has nothing to do with CO2. This could lead to serious confrontation that these people are seriously mistaken, and what they are doing with the economy trying to ban fossil fuels at the moment could lead to tens of millions of deaths if the Gulf Stream breaks down.

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