The nuances of choosing the best oral irrigator

The nuances of choosing the best oral irrigator
The nuances of choosing the best oral irrigator

Daily brushing has become a habit for a long time. Timely removal of dirt, nutrient spots for bacteria prevents the development of caries and gum inflammation. However, cleaning alone is not enough. Special oral irrigators are also needed. Without them, sugar-rich foods become clogged between the teeth and at the gums. Dentists in recent years have recorded an explosive growth in complex and chronic lesions.

Reliable and convenient irrigator models

The principle of operation of the device is very simple and effective. A thin stream of water pulsates under pressure and flushes out food debris and dirt from the most inaccessible areas. Previously, such devices were made in a stationary form and used by dental clinics. Now on the market you can find compact and home models. In this regard, the Waterpik irrigators have proven themselves very well. Users note their affordable cost and high quality.

Panasonic devices also have an excellent reputation. For example, the portable and compact Panasonic 1211 weighs just 300 grams. This portable irrigator can be taken on a trip. There are three modes of jet pulsing. Equally legendary is the Waterpik 450, a stylish and functional battery powered device. Among the general advantages of irrigators from WaterPik and Panasonic, it is worth highlighting:

• Amazing reliability. The device has been working for over 5 years without any problems.

• Convenient and clear design. The irrigator fits well in the hand, it is easy to direct the flow of water to the desired areas. The buttons are divided and have different shapes, it is impossible to make a mistake even by touch.

• High efficiency … The jet practically does not yield to the pressure of professional irrigators from dentistry. There are 3-5 operating modes for gentle dirt removal.

• Detailed instructions and instructions for self-cleaning.

Helpful Tips for Choosing the Most Suitable Oral Irrigator Model

The jet type is one of the key parameters. Older models have classic water flow and impulse flow. Microbubble cleaning is considered the most advanced and effective. Home and compact models have received this functionality only in recent years.

Initially, it is necessary to evaluate the scope of delivery. In addition to the device itself, the station, there are also attachments. They can be purchased separately, but in the initial kit you need orthodontic for plaque removal, tongue cleaning systems and gum pockets. These are the basic and most used irrigator tools.

Load and priority usage should be evaluated. Portable models use only 150-200 ml of water, this will not be enough for a family and you will have to stop cleaning to add liquid. Stationary systems hold 1000-1500 ml and operate from the mains.

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