USA: 22 dead, 40 missing in Hurricane Anri strike

USA: 22 dead, 40 missing in Hurricane Anri strike
USA: 22 dead, 40 missing in Hurricane Anri strike

22 people have died and about 40 have gone missing in Humphreys County after heavy flooding caused by downpours.

Rescuers went from house to house at the end of Saturday in search of missing people, Humphreys County Sheriff Chris Davis told The Tennessean newspaper. Davis said the flood was the worst he had seen in his 28 years in management. Power outages and a lack of cellular service have exacerbated the problems.

Rural roads and highways throughout Humphreys County were washed out on Saturday.

The Tennessee National Guard was dispatched to the county to assist residents after up to 12 inches of rain fell in parts of Mid Tennessee on Saturday, causing catastrophic flooding.

Humphreys County received more than 15 inches of rainfall, flooding roads and briefly closing a large section of Interstate 40. The Piney River also hit record water levels, the Nashville National Weather Service said.

Hurricane Henry's first strikes brought record rainfall. A few hours before the planned landfall on Sunday afternoon, "Anri" has already brought record rainfall and widespread flooding.

On Saturday nights in New York and New Jersey, heavy rain overflowed storm runoffs, and drivers made their way through deep water in several places.

Anri is currently a tropical storm, but another three to six inches of rain is forecast to fall on Sunday as the system moves over Long Island and into New England.

From Saturday evening until Sunday morning, flash flood warnings were issued in five boroughs and in northern New Jersey.

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