Hurricane Grace kills eight people in Mexico

Hurricane Grace kills eight people in Mexico
Hurricane Grace kills eight people in Mexico

At least eight people, six of whom are children and adolescents, have died in the Mexican state of Veracruz, which was hit by Category 3 hurricane Grace at night, Governor Cuitlahuac Garcia said, and three more are reported missing.

"One adult died at night in Possos Ricos - he was on the street at a critical moment, and he was crushed, also in one incident (killed) six people, a mother and children, in addition, a child died at night," the governor said during press conference, which was broadcast on his Facebook page.

Three more people, according to the official, are listed as missing.

The Federal Electricity Commission reported that 330 thousand people were left without electricity in the state of Veracruz at night, and for a small part of consumers, the electricity supply was restored in the morning.

The authorities of Veracruz urge residents to be extremely careful - the rise in the level of rivers can last up to 6 hours, the hillsides are saturated with moisture and new landslides are possible.

Major Hurricane Grace, which struck the coast of Veracruz at night, has weakened to a tropical storm category and is advancing through the center of the country. Authorities warn of flooding and flooding caused by accompanying tropical downpours.

An emergency has been declared in 22 municipalities in Veracruz. Tropical showers with rainfall of up to 250 millimeters are also expected on Saturday in the states of Colima, Guerrero, Michoacan, Puebla and San Luis Potosi.

Mexico City International Airport canceled flights on six destinations due to the passage of the "Grace" - Veracruz, Tampico, Reynosa, Culiacan, Huatulco and Miami. An orange alert has been announced in the capital - heavy rains have continued since night in Mexico City, and a significant increase in wind is expected during the day.

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