Destructive mesocyclone opened in Russia the era of vortices of a new type

Destructive mesocyclone opened in Russia the era of vortices of a new type
Destructive mesocyclone opened in Russia the era of vortices of a new type

A kind of weather curse seems to be hanging over the south of Russia. Crimea and Kuban have not yet had time to recover from the attack of the mesocyclone, and now a new portion of downpours, floods and destruction.

Heavy rain and flooding such as anywhere in Southeast Asia, known for its humid monsoon climate. A tropical downpour flooded Simferopol in a matter of minutes: the square near the railway station went under the water, the cars abandoned on the roads sank almost to the glass.

More than 20 houses were flooded in Novorossiysk. Again it was necessary to block traffic on the federal highway Novorossiysk - Kerch. Anapa “floated” again, where the consequences of the mesocyclone had not yet been completely eliminated. It's nice that even in such a difficult situation, the locals have not lost their sense of humor.

I must say that this August in the east of the Black Sea region has already become the rainiest for the entire period of instrumental observations. It is interesting that not only the local monthly norm was exceeded by five to six times, but the moisture dropped almost twice as much as in Tokyo, where tropical cyclones and typhoons form the weather at this time of the year.

The fact is that the mesocyclone that hit the Black Sea region opened the era of atmospheric vortices of a new type in Russia. We are talking about subtropical cyclones.

A subtropical cyclone is a transitional type between tropical hurricanes and normal cyclones. Previously, they were observed only in the Mediterranean and Central Atlantic. Now, on the eve of the storm, the Black Sea warmed up like the Mediterranean - up to 28 degrees. During the condensation of water vapor, evaporating from each square kilometer of the superheated surface, colossal energy was released - about 20 MWh. On the one hand, it went to the development of extremely powerful cumulonimbus clouds, on the other, to increase the speed of rotation of the vortex. That is why the consequences were so devastating.

Now, due to climatic changes, people will increasingly encounter such overheating conditions, therefore, conditions are created in the water area of the Russian seas for the formation of extreme eddies that are atypical for our climate. And record showers, such as those that hit the Eastern Black Sea region, may soon become quite common.

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