Every hot dog eaten cuts life by 36 minutes

Every hot dog eaten cuts life by 36 minutes
Every hot dog eaten cuts life by 36 minutes

American scientists have found that partial replacement of meat in the daily diet with fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes and seafood, firstly, can reduce the carbon footprint, and secondly, each day will extend life by about 48 minutes.

Scientists advise you to carefully monitor what you eat. So one hot dog can shorten life by 36 minutes, and a serving of cashew nuts can increase it by 26 minutes.

Researchers from the University of Michigan (USA) studied more than 5,800 different foods, ranking each according to the load on the human body and the impact on the environment.

Scientists have created a special Healthy Nutrition Index (HENI), which can be used to calculate the amount of "useful" and "harmful" load on the body. From this, experts concluded that products with a positive indicator add minutes to life, and those with a negative one reduce it. So replacing meat partially with fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes and seafood will prolong life by about 48 minutes every day.

The researchers also evaluated food products in terms of their impact on the environment. They took into account a number of factors, including the production of a product, the preparation of food from it, consumption, processing, and the amount of waste. Based on these data, scientists have divided them into three groups: products of the red, yellow and green zones.

The green zone includes foods that are good for health and do not harm nature - these are nuts, fruits, field-grown vegetables, legumes, whole grains and some types of seafood. But in the red zone were beef, shrimp, pork, lamb and vegetables grown in greenhouses.

Moreover, experts note that it is not necessary to completely abandon the products of the red zone - although they do some harm to nature, they do not become less useful for human health.

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