Caribbean - Tropical Storm Grace causes flooding in Haiti, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago

Caribbean - Tropical Storm Grace causes flooding in Haiti, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago
Caribbean - Tropical Storm Grace causes flooding in Haiti, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago

Floods caused by Tropical Storm Grace have complicated rescue and recovery efforts following the earthquake in Haiti that killed 1,941 people.

At the same time, more than 500 houses were damaged by floods in the neighboring Dominican Republic. As the storm progressed westward, floods and landslides were recorded in Jamaica. Earlier heavy rain from storm Grace led to floods and landslides in Trinidad, where one person died.

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic's National Meteorological Office, ONAMET, reported that 240 mm of rain fell in the Polo municipality of Barahona province in the southwest of the country in 24 hours on August 16. As of early 17 August, there have been several reports of flooding in the province. Floods and landslides also affected the provinces of Peravia, Hato Mayor and San Jose de Ocoa.

The country's Center for Emergency Operations (COE) reported that 1 house was completely destroyed and 558 houses were damaged. As a result of the floods, 2,242 people were forced to leave their homes, and 13 settlements were cut off from the outside world.


Flooding has also been reported in neighboring Haiti, which is still recovering from the devastating 7.2M earthquake on 14 August, which killed 1,941 and injured more than 9,000.

Heavy flash floods hit the Sud-Est area of ​​Haiti, particularly in the communes of Cayes-Jacmel and Marigot, on 16 August, according to social media reports.

Hundreds of thousands of people after the earthquake were left without food, water and shelter. Rescue teams are still working among the debris of the earthquake in search of survivors.

The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) said: "The Grace Tropical Depression has exacerbated the situation with torrential rains further disrupting access to water, shelter and other basic services. Floods and landslides are likely to worsen vulnerable families and further complicate humanitarian assistance."


Tropical Storm Grace brought heavy rainfall to Jamaica on 17 August. The Office of Disaster and Emergency Preparedness (ODPEM) reported 13 floods and 2 landslides as a result of the storm, mainly in the eastern areas of the island and particularly in the parish of St. who was displaced by the flood.

Trinidad and Tobago

Earlier, the government of Trinidad and Tobago announced that adverse weather associated with Tropical Storm Grace affected wide areas of the country on August 15, 2021. One person died after a landslide destroyed a house in the Siparia region.

Flooding was also reported in the Port of Spain, San Juan Laventil, Penal Debe and Princes Town regions. The Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government reported that some houses were damaged and roads became impassable, leaving some residents and drivers stranded. The Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service recorded 72.4 mm of precipitation in Piarco in the 24 hours through August 15, 2021.

On August 17, Trinidad was also hit by a tornado that damaged homes and cars in the Los Iros community in South Trinidad. No injuries or deaths were reported.

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