Heavy rains cause floods and landslides in Germany, Austria and Italy

Heavy rains cause floods and landslides in Germany, Austria and Italy
Heavy rains cause floods and landslides in Germany, Austria and Italy

Flash floods and landslides caused by heavy rainfall caused widespread destruction in southern Germany, Austria and northern Italy. One person was killed and one missing in Bavaria, Germany. Flash floods in Austria buried a train under rocks and debris in Wald im Pinzgau, Austria.

Bavaria, Germany

In the Grainau region of Garmisch-Partenkirchen in southern Bavaria, Germany experienced flash floods caused by heavy rains.

According to police, 12 people were carried away by the floods after a flash flood swept through the narrow Höllenthal Gorge, located at the foot of the Zugspitze, the highest peak of the Wetterstein Mountains. The area is popular with hikers and hikers.

A team of about 150 rescuers was dispatched to the area. As of August 16, 8 people had been rescued, the body of one person was found, and another was reported missing. Search operations continue.

Severe weather also affected northern Germany, where a tornado hit the village of Grossheide off the North Sea coast in late August 16, damaging or destroying more than 50 homes.


Heavy rains in parts of the state of Salzburg in Austria since 16 August have caused landslides and flash floods in the Pongau and Pinzgau regions.

The small town of St. Johann in Pongau recorded 36 mm of precipitation in 1 hour and 51 mm in 2 hours on August 16, 2021.

Emergency teams, including 1,400 firefighters and about 70 rescuers, conducted about 500 rescue operations. The Salzburg Water Rescue Service said that given the amount of flooding and rainfall, it was fortunate that no one was killed.

Roads were blocked in several places, and dozens of people had to be rescued from vehicles. In the commune of Dienten in Pinzgau, 3 people were rescued by firefighters after a bus and car were thrown into the river by a landslide. All three were injured, one of them was serious.

Firefighters rescued around 90 people in the vicinity of St. Johann im Pongau after several vehicles were stuck in two landslides between St. Johann and Wagrain. One car was demolished by a landslide, but according to police, 2 passengers and the driver were able to escape unharmed.

The Krimml railway station, track and train of the local Pinzgauer railway in Wald im Pinzgau were completely buried by rocks and debris from the flood. Districts of the city were also badly damaged, and residents were evacuated with the help of the federal army.

Parts of the lands of Lower Austria, Styria and Tyrol were also damaged by the storm

Firefighters have cleared about 200 flooded basements in the districts of Amstetten, St. Pölten, Melk, Tulln, Baden and Mödling in Lower Austria. One person was injured in Guntramsdorf during cleanup work.

In Styria, thunderstorms and heavy rain have caused some flooding in the Liesen area. Basements, underground garages and underground passages were flooded.


Severe weather wreaked havoc in parts of the province of South Tyrol in northern Italy on 16 August. The communes of Arntal and Pflersch suffered the most. Firefighters responded to 200 incidents, including flooded buildings and roads. Thirty people were evacuated after floods and landslides in the Pflersch area.

In Sant Johann im Arntal (also San Giovanni) on August 16, 2021, 43 mm of precipitation fell in 1 hour.

The Tyrol firefighters have been called in for 200 incidents. Floods and landslides have been reported in the Innsbruck Land area.

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